Easily Amused

Friday, March 30, 2007

Saturday Crop 3/31 with Cosmo Cricket

Last chance to sign up for our Saturday night crop. $15 gets you a spot, and we are doing a lot of fun stuff at this very special Cosmo Crop. Tie one on (and we do mean this literally--have you seen the Cosmo Cricket neckties?) and we'll do you up digitally. Scrap the results in the already coordinated Cosmo paper. As our special reward, spend $30 and we will waive the crop fee. Such a deal. If you'd like, we'll even set up a special DHPB hotline. Although we're sure there won't be a panic, hubbylike or otherwise. Unless you forget to sign up before we sell out the last seat... Ack.

Surf's Up: Sweet.

The newest Lil Davis line arrived today, so if you're looking to scrap those summer waves of aloha, check out the Endless Summer paper, chipboard letters, and chipboard shapes in bold red and summer blue. Dude.

If you're hoping for something a bit sweeter, try the Making Memories embellishments and paper blossoms in some Cheeky, Sweet, and Polo color combinations. There's nothing quite like these flowers, hearts, and tags on the market, and I am in love with the color combos. If you're stumped for ideas, pick up a copy of MM's latest idea book, "Show and Tell" for more than a few fabulous projects. Also, for some reason, anything in the transparency style is my idea of heaven, so I was awash in giddiness (it's OK, we cleaned it up afterwards) at the new sheer frames collections. A wee bit smaller than the 3x3 sheer frames in the last release, these come bundled a few to a set and are the perfect addition to minibooks or page layouts. Like I said, sweet.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hey, Is That a Chip on your Shoulder?

If so, could I please eat it? It must be lunchtime because I seem to have the munchies.

Saturday Crop: Crazy Cosmo Cricket Anniversary Crop

Join us Saturday, March 31 from 6-11:30 in our crop room and help us celebrate anniversary #2. We've got a lineup of yummy food and yummier giveaways just in time for our Cosmo Crop. We're taking your picture in our Cosmo tie and then you're making a Cosmo layout with our goodie bag supplies. We're planning to order our favorite dish from Macaroni Grill (sorry, no pizza) and chow down in a fashionably brilliant way. Not sure exactly what that looks like, but you should come see anyway. Just like we love, $15 gets you a reservation, but spend $30 and we'll waive that $15 away. Misty, we're expecting you to be our Queen of the Crop, so call us and we'll hold a throne for you. We might even let you use the one with the cushion.

Friday, March 23, 2007

A Little Bit of Heidi In My Life...

We received just a smidge of our Winter CHA Heidi order: if you are in the mood for the most wonderful oversized photocorners, large ghost shapes, and clock overlays imaginable, we can help. If you need a Heidi paper knife to get through the day, again, we can help. In any case, please don't point that paper knife at me because the rest of the order has just not yet arrived. Blame it on that infamous slow boat from you-know-where, OK? And have a splendid pink weekend.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Would Like Me Some Chocolate Bunny, Please

Be nice to Heather because she is still unpacking the just received Rusty Pickle order and getting it out on the floor. I am getting mine tonight, if there is any left...please save me some Bunny!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Making Memories on a Scenic Route, Imagining Daisies. Or Whatever.

I am so all over the new Scenic Route papers! Both sides of this paper have wonderful colors and designs, and although I am generally a 2-piece per paper person, I may have to rethink that into a 4-piece per paper person so that I can flip around all the choices to my best advantage. Add on the sticker letters and the chipboard alphas, and this line is a sight to behold.

Along with that order, we brought in a buncha Making Memories items for Easter and spring. The new oversized chipboard shapes in eggs, rabbits, and flowers are still just "cheep cheep" and are so much fun to alter. Cover them with Prima flowers or use the Basic Grey precision file set to decoupage these shapes. Easy and please-inducing every time! I would add EGGS-cellent but think we perhaps have seen that title once too many times. I also think the new white or black (choice of colors) scalloped edge albums are just the right touch of elegance.

We've also added some brand new Daisy D's paper and accessories in the Beacon Hill Chasing Butterflies line. (I would suggest you go to the Botanical Gardens and visit the butterfly pavilions right now. Then come get this line for the amazing photos you will now have.) So easy to create a page or mini-book with the journaling tags and matching flower embellishments. I believe I am in love. But let's never mind that right now.

Finally, for the moment, Imagination Project sent wonderful teen lines. If you've been thinking about what paper would look like if it were made by Apple, this would be the product. Think Imagination Project: I-Proj: ipod. We be jammin'. Please, sing along. OK, softer please.

Friday, March 09, 2007

TINspiration by Jaime

Mark your calendars for March 21 from 6-8pm or March 31 from 11am-1pm and sign up for her easy-peasy-cool-and breezy Inspiration Accordian Book in a Box. For $35, you will create an accordian book in one of two themes available, Inspiration or Photos. If you cant' choose, bring a friend and you can each make one, then order an extra kit for each other. Seats are limited, so sign up early to guarantee your spot.

Zip! Punch! Tape Writer!

Mixed bag of newness arrived this week: Around the Block stuff, including their awesome (not a Dymo) Tape Writer. Looks, feels, and acts like a, but isn't. Cool thing is definitely the refills in more colors than the Alternative Brand currently provides. Rumor is, same size, so if you've already got the Alternative Brand, you can just pick up the refills for the Tape Writer. Although we're true collectors, so we have to have the pink one anyway. Along with the Around the Block paper and embellishments, we decided to try their punches. Because they punch AND emboss, and I believe you already know how much fun it is to emboss things around.

Zip Dry Paper Glue is also back in stock. Currently tops as many of our teachers' favorite adhesive, we are just psyched to have bottles of 'em in the store for you. Works on all kinds of surfaces, and you know how many surfaces we love to use when paper is involved.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Nice Pants. Very Fancy.

New Fancy Pants has arrived and is being unpacked henceforth. If you've been looking to remodel your paper wardrobe, we suggest you do it now. Sashay, runway. Ha!

Crop Party

I don't host a crop very often, so if you've missed me, Friday night is the night to sign up for a crop. Sometimes I clean out the back room, and you never know what I'll find to give away. $15 holds your spot; spend $30 during the crop and we waive the $15 fee. I'll bring pages that I'll never be able to actually work on, so be prepared to get lots of advice from me on your pages. I'm never offended when you tune me out and decide to use those deco scissors anyway. Also, you can probably talk me into something besides pizza for dinner. Provide a suggestion when you sign up and I will at least think about it. But no fondue. When it drips all over my paper, it does not make it look chic or rustic, just edible. And that's just not right.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Precisely What You Need

Basic Grey shipped a couple of Precision Tool Kits our way, and although we're wanting to keep them all for ourselves, (yup, we're a bunch of hoarders, we are) we've decided to let a few of you come in and get your own set. Since we're always prepared to sand and alter everything in sight, and some stuff that we're hiding, you can imagine our delight with all the components of this cool bit of tool kit. Not even to mention the Stella Ruby and other assorted winter lines of paper that Basic Grey sent along with the tool kits.

Zutter Cutter Utter Madness: AKA Bind-It-All

We're all over this new cutting and binding system. We've ordered one for everyone who wants one, as long as you're in the first half-dozen or so people who fits that category. We also decided you'd want all the different sizes and styles of all the thingamajigs you can cut and bind. After all, we can all do with a little binding now and again.

Masses of Sassafras Lass
Sassafras entertained us and we reciprocated. We realize we probably made everyone just slightly nutty with our ongoing participation at the winter show, but those t-shirts just made us want to play along. If you have no idea what I mean, well, neither do I, since I was in Denver. I just heard some of the staff was enjoying the Sassafras marketing party. Yeah, that's what all that noise was. Bottom line, you've just gotta see their new release. Those people know how to make us all dance, dance, dance.