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Friday, July 31, 2009

When My Slow Cat Moves Fast

My cat is kinda getting on in her years. Some days, you can tell she likes playing old fogie as she limps around, yowling on and off for kicks. Other days, she apparently is possessed by the spirit of Cat Who Moves At Mind-Altering Lightning Speed, as she freaks around the place.

I have been advised by someone who knows about these things that she races to assist her digestion. I have been further advised that the racing, acoompanied by some mighty loud "What is up with that cat?" noises, are a signal to let out the cat. We'll just call that letting the cat out for the general purpose of "movement."

All I know is that said cat can ambulate quite nicely when it meets her needs. And I am not sure of the purpose of posting this information, other than it happened to be in my head at the moment.

In other unrelated news, Some Guy does have a name, and I have permission to use it. (OK, well, I have had permission to use it for quite some time. I have permission to use it on the blog now. It's not like I've introduced him to friends and family as Some Guy. Much.)
So as soon as I find a reason to write something about him, I may start calling him by name. Lucky dude. And lucky me--how many guys do you know who will jump onto the Dance, Dance Revolution game at the arcade?


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