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Friday, March 09, 2007

Zip! Punch! Tape Writer!

Mixed bag of newness arrived this week: Around the Block stuff, including their awesome (not a Dymo) Tape Writer. Looks, feels, and acts like a, but isn't. Cool thing is definitely the refills in more colors than the Alternative Brand currently provides. Rumor is, same size, so if you've already got the Alternative Brand, you can just pick up the refills for the Tape Writer. Although we're true collectors, so we have to have the pink one anyway. Along with the Around the Block paper and embellishments, we decided to try their punches. Because they punch AND emboss, and I believe you already know how much fun it is to emboss things around.

Zip Dry Paper Glue is also back in stock. Currently tops as many of our teachers' favorite adhesive, we are just psyched to have bottles of 'em in the store for you. Works on all kinds of surfaces, and you know how many surfaces we love to use when paper is involved.


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