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Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Deja Vu All Over Again

It was movie weekend at the ranch. We have been waiting for Mamma Mia! (relentless punctuation included) because Meryl Streep? Singing? Well, yes. Had to bow to the unstoppable force that is The Dark Knight, though, because we just had to see our hotel in the movie. We have a specific hotel in Chicago that is right across from the Trump building (the one that Apprentice #1 Bill Rancic allegedly was tapped to Project Manage) that we luurve. We stay on the 40th floor: the entire 40th floor. The room is completely round and spans almost the whole floor, less the stairs you have to take to get to the room, as the elevator only goes to the 38th floor or so. So although we have to haul our stuff up the wicked cool circular staircase, it is so worth the actual room, ginormous by downtown Chicago standards, that serves as our apartment on our Chicago trips. Which seem to be frequent, and must include stops in Milwaukee to visit Some Guy's family. So, tangent there. As we are crossing the river on our way to Mission Critical: Magnificent Mile and Michigan Avenue shopping, we are somewhat distracted by what appears to be a helicopter race taking place in the airspace dfirectly above us. We pause to take in the action, and realize that the helicopters are circling and are coming down pretty low. I mention to Some Guy that there was a movie being filmed and maybe this was part of the movie. We hang out, and watch the helicopter chase, and are rewarded by the sight of both helicopters (sorry, can I find a shorter way to type the word helicopter now please) racing down low over the Chicago River all the way down Wacker Drive. Racing right at us. And of course, I have my camera. Ninety bazillion shots of helicopters. Racing.
And easy to figure out the movie, once we spot this vehicle right outside our hotel entrance:
So we realize that the movie is being shot in the plaza directly below us outside our 40th story hotel room. And as we return to our room to watch the action, the helicopters make another round, this time right past our hotel room window. So yeah, had to check out the hotel in the movie. Appears that a lot of the interior stuff was shot in the Trump building, because we kept seeing our hotel room in the background.

Overall, even more exciting than watching for the 202 in The Kingdom, but then again, I am easily amused. And yes, that is my lazy fat rear end on the bed.


  • At 9:38 PM , Blogger Shirley said...

    Hmm. Were pictures intended to be a part of the post? Sounds like filming was entertaining to witness. We saw Dark Knight last Friday - muy bueno.

    Nice new layout. I don't get to see blog layouts now that I have converted to Google Reader.

    (PS - I miss the store).

  • At 9:53 PM , Blogger Suzy said...

    Yup, I was just on the wrong computer and had to go to the desktop to pull them off CDs. As you can see, my shots out the window definitely need some work. However, this was my first time shooting a helicopter race, so considering the circumstances, I was pretty psyched to get what I did. If I get time, I may upload my layout.


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