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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's a PINK week :)

It may be the Holidays and you are seeing red and green everywhere.......but not everything here at Annalis is red and green.

We are still holding onto a small amount of Heidi Swapp products, including that fabulous PINK Mini Iron that is a must have on every scrappers wish list for the Holidays or just because it's PINK!!!

We also got in 1/2 of the MM Runway Collection including the PINK wristlets, Fabulous Tote Charms, Be Tote Charms with a PINK heart and Flower Tote Charms with a PINK flower. And as expected MM Roller Totes are currently on back order.....when should you expect them?

Check the blog for the latest products to arrive in the store and an update on the MM Runway Collection. P.S. Don't forget PINK is the new black this year!!

One more thing.......I think I figured out this whole blogging thing. For those of you that have not been in the store in the past few weeks, my name is KAY. I have joined Annalis Scraptique from a Big Box store in town that we will continue to refer to as the "BIG R". I am in the store everyday during the week and will also be teaching a few day and evening classes. Check out the December calendar on our website: www.annalisscraptique.com

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pink Friday

It may be black elsewhere but everything is coming up pink this Friday.

We open early at 8am. Stop in anytime between 8-9am and get your hand stamped to receive 30% off your entire order (yes, with the usual restrictions on QK and our FB program.) Sleep in a bit longer, and come in between 9-10am for 20% off your purchase, same restrictions. Rest of the day? 10% off. And we are open until 7pm.

The pink thing? Well, we got in a little load of Heidi today. Chipboard alphas, corner rubons, flower jewels, chipboard wordage, itty bitty pink distressing tools, and (our favorite!) the cutest, pinkest, funkiest mini-iron ever! No doubt they will be out the door before the end of the sale on Friday, so act fast if you have the urge to smooth out any wrinkles in your scrapbooking life.

The Big Picture by Stacy Julian

Stacy Julian rocks my world and her new idea book has just arrived. Find her site http://www.bigpicturescrapbooking.com/index.html and explore her book with us.

One of the things I love most about Stacy is her approach to scrapbooking, and how she celebrates everyone's potential. The book is full of ideas, yes, but also provides solutions to managing the sometimes overwhelming boxes and piles of photos we have collected over time. Scrapbooking can be simple, with Stacy as our guide.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Who needs an ampersand when you have the @ sign?

For those of you looking for something to grin about, see the new banner. Then come see the @ sign in 8" paper mache. Someone please alter this soon so we can figure out a purpose for it. You can also pick up a paper mache card file/mini file system/recipe holder/ribbon organizer. OK, we are not really sure what it is, but we have decided on all kinds of things it could be, with the right designer.

Rusty Pickle

More RP paper for the holidays, plus some great restocks in vintage military and patriotic themes, as well as some vintage wildlife papers for your zoo pages. Wildlife as in giraffes and elephants, not as in Girls Gone Wild. That would be another scrapbook page altogether...

Letter Mania

If you've been patiently awaiting the arrival of the 4" paper mache letters, they have arrived. Except "Y". Why? We are not sure. But if you need to spell something with a "Y", you might have to trie some alternative spellings or products. Hee.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Thank You Sale All This Week!

Thanks to all our customers! We appreciate you and want to say "Thank You" for your business.

During this week, from Monday through Friday, from 10am-7pm, we are having a special "Thank You" sale. Just stop in any time during this week and receive 20% off your entire purchase!* Any amount of purchase, and as much as you wish, this week only!

Plan to stay Friday evening for our Pajama Party crop and you can crop from 6pm Friday evening all through the night until Saturday evening at 5pm. Imagine how many pages you can complete in this all-night session! Sign up during this sale week, and you will receive a $5 crop discount from the regular $40 crop fee. Snacks, goodie bag, and breakfast is all included!

*Restrictions are as follows: QuicKutz is not included as it is already discounted 30% every day. Purchases do not apply to Frequent Buyer status, and current Frequent Buyer discounts are not offered during this sale. Classes are also not included in the 20% off sale.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


ProvoCraft has sent us a dozen lunch boxes, ready to be altered and dressed up for dinner. Make up your own kit with this very affordable and hard-to-find metal container. Take out one or several today.

Black Velvet

Making Memories has started to ship our Memory Trends order. Just in time for the holiday season, velvet adhesive letters in five lovely colors are in the store. Soft, fuzzy, sweet, and easy to use. Remember when we called them stickers?

Such a Gem

More Heidi Swapp jewels, both pink and white, are replenished. Add a touch of sunshine to the center of a flower, the dot of an "i" or embellish freely with these cute, inexpensive touches. Can't decide between colors? Choose the MM ones, a mixture of pink, green, and white. Similar, yet not so much. I think I need them alllllll...

Crop in Style Furniture

Just the ticket for organizing the top of your desk: a white MDF hutch built for scrapbook storage. We are still assembling them for the store display, but ask nicely and you could take one home for an early holiday gift. Matching shelving also available. Time to get that scrap area reorganized!

What a Knob!

Somehow, a delightful assortment of knobs all came in today. We have doorknobs in regular people size as well as cutesy doorknobs for altered art. We also received "open" knobs and pulls from the 7 gypsies line. Come on in for yours!

Fear of Flying

Merchandise aside for a moment. There are days when it is time to put your fears aside and tackle the things that scare you the most. And I learned some things on a recent balloon ride:

  • Once the balloon takes off, you are committed. No changing your mind. And it helps to follow the shadow on the ground if you need to be distracted from the fact that you are no longer actually on the ground.

  • Some of us will put aside all kinds of fears in pursuit of a really cool picture. After the first 10 minutes of wanting to scream "Get me off! Get me off!" some of the fear does start to subside. A little.

  • A dog's territory includes all the surrounding airspace. All of it. All the way to the moon. And each one will bark the entire time you are in the air just in case you need a subtle reminder. And the ones who are not territorial will bark because all the other dogs are barking. People do not come out of their houses to watch the pretty balloons. They come out to see what the heck their dogs are barking at. (Hint: Look up.)

  • Way up is kind of really way up. If you do not jump out of your skin just because you are afraid of heights, it is still likely that you will jump out of your skin every time the balloon flame is lit. Because it is really pretty dang noisy. And then you go up higher. Eek.

  • You don't notice if the landing is bumpy or not when your main issue is trying to hand off your camera to someone on the ground so they can take a picture of you landing. Even if there is already someone on the ground taking pictures of you landing. Also, champagne is a tasty way to celebrate the end of a balloon ride. Except when you actually land in a church parking lot. Then, you go back to your takeoff spot before you break open the bubbly. This may be due to respecting the impending Sunday sermon. It may also be because the pilot does not want to share with the rest of the congregation. You decide.

I was pretty much not wanting to do this ride. The original plan was different. But sometimes things change, and you just have to get on board. I am not sure that I need to do that again, but I am really glad that I did it once.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Busy Times!

Sorry all for the delay in posting an update! The store has been super busy and it has been great to see so many of our regular customers as well as so many new faces! We are looking forward to a lot of exciting events coming up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned...

New Stuff

We just received a load of the cutest charms: everything from a little golf cart (perfect for a retirement card) to bowling pins to the Empire State Building and a taxicab arrived earlier this week. Each one adds just the right touch to your special project. Charming!

More Disney papers in bright colors, including the standard Mouse along with Pooh, Piglet, Princesses, and some vintage Big D. We are also working on a class to help you with those pages that are part of that "other" Disney world, like Bug's Life, Toy Story, and the villainesses of Land o' Disney. Ask us and we promise to share more.

The elusive 8.5x11 cardstock makes an appearance in the store. We have stocked up on tons of colors in 8.5x11 paper. Our goal is to make sure we have plenty of paper that is ready to feed through your printer so you can make all your invitations and cards quickly and easily. While you are picking up your paper, stop by our new display board of sample invites. Choose from the ideas presented or have a chat with any of our fabulous staff and we will help you create just the ticket for your special event. Don't be too surprised if we ask you to make one extra to share with us for our sample board - we love to show off our customer ideas!

More Prima has arrived! Flowers and leaves in colorful combos, bottled up and forever yours. Choose one of each color; we know it is hard to decide.

Magnet boards are back in stock. We sell them as fast as we get them in, so please stop in or call us if you need some put aside. So easy to make adorable holiday gifts with these affordable, useful bases. We have placecard and larger sizes available.

Saturday Night

Our crop on Saturday is filling fast, so please call us for your space today. We are continuing our 15/30 special: spend $30 and we waive the crop fee of $15. So much fun stuff to buy, we know you will easily qualify for a FREE crop. Sweet!