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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Making Memories on a Scenic Route, Imagining Daisies. Or Whatever.

I am so all over the new Scenic Route papers! Both sides of this paper have wonderful colors and designs, and although I am generally a 2-piece per paper person, I may have to rethink that into a 4-piece per paper person so that I can flip around all the choices to my best advantage. Add on the sticker letters and the chipboard alphas, and this line is a sight to behold.

Along with that order, we brought in a buncha Making Memories items for Easter and spring. The new oversized chipboard shapes in eggs, rabbits, and flowers are still just "cheep cheep" and are so much fun to alter. Cover them with Prima flowers or use the Basic Grey precision file set to decoupage these shapes. Easy and please-inducing every time! I would add EGGS-cellent but think we perhaps have seen that title once too many times. I also think the new white or black (choice of colors) scalloped edge albums are just the right touch of elegance.

We've also added some brand new Daisy D's paper and accessories in the Beacon Hill Chasing Butterflies line. (I would suggest you go to the Botanical Gardens and visit the butterfly pavilions right now. Then come get this line for the amazing photos you will now have.) So easy to create a page or mini-book with the journaling tags and matching flower embellishments. I believe I am in love. But let's never mind that right now.

Finally, for the moment, Imagination Project sent wonderful teen lines. If you've been thinking about what paper would look like if it were made by Apple, this would be the product. Think Imagination Project: I-Proj: ipod. We be jammin'. Please, sing along. OK, softer please.


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