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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Again With the Stuff

Stuff I like that just came in:
  • Glossy Accents, except it now comes in crackle, sepia, and matte finishes
  • Junkitz Halloween paper by Teresa Collins, whom I think is the cat's meow anyway
  • Domino shapes, keepsake charms, picture pebbles, dominoes
  • Decoupage gel and Paper Saver spray : we're trying out something new, so come tell us what you think of these products
  • Stamp and Stick gluepads
  • Making Memories Decorate Your Life: Celebrations idea book
  • Paper Crafts Holiday Cards idea book
  • Making Memories Halloween stickers (no paper yet, Cheeky or otherwise)
  • Deja Views Fresh Prints papers and vellums (brought to you by Elsa, so thank her if you love them)
  • Fancy Pants Wildheart papers, Free Spirit papers, flowers and rub ons
  • Making Memories Runway Totes and Rollers in pink, pink, and pink
  • All My Memories totes in lime green

OK, I guess I like a lot of stuff. Imagine how cool it would be to receive a pink roller stuffed to the brim with all the new stuff...aahhh, sweet dreams.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oh Mighty Heidi

Rolling along with Heidi, we've found her date stamps and rolling word stamps add just the right bit of data to everything you love. Priced oh so right at $3.99 and $4.99, we think you need them all. At least I do. Need them, that is.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Basic Grey Angst

So I called to check in on the status of our order, and I realize that people have started to think we just imagined placing the order. Tara swears that the CHA orders will be filled and shipped (they hope) by the end of this week. I realize that does not help us at all today, but felt you all should know we are just as bereft, gazing mournfully at the catalogs and thinking if we all just believe, it will arrive. You do believe, don't you?

Scraplifting Nirvana Minus the Angst

Slice of Life idea book from CK arrived in the store. This mag is great for those everyday events that we love to scrap but can sometimes get wearying. I mean, happy birthday is great, but when you've tried to scrap 329 of them, maybe that well just gets a little dry. So rather than just skipping the event (and miss out on cake? never!) or putting the photos on hold (ummm, not happening) or adding the photos to the stack of "as soon as I am inspired, I'll get to these", get thee to inspiration with this delicious idea book. Did I say yummy? Ack.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cheeky, Mate

Making Memories has sent us a blissful bouquet of Cheek. We've received the jigsaw alphas in the kraft and the Cheeky colors, and they've also sent the scalloped Cheeky clips in coordinating Cheeky colors. Where's the paper, you ask? Those Cheeky rascals haven't sent THAT yet. Rapscallions, I tell ya. Not that I even know what that means.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Petal to the Metal

We think it's kinda cool that we're teaching at the CK Convention at the Civic Plaza next month. We want to put on a boffo show and take everyone through a wicked awesome project, so we've selected Michelle Hill's Crillon line from L'il Davis as our main source of materials. (Let's take a moment here to discuss how much fun we had at Michelle's class during Scrapbook Answers' Girls Weekend. I know we're being slightly redundant, as we've celebrated her awesomeness here just a few paragraphs ago. Still. It was a blast. We lurve her. Heh. Now back to our regular yammering.) We're planning a triptych of sorts, hinging 3 metal sheets together into one bangup art project. That would be the metal. The petals, as you probably have determined by now, are the flower magnets that will be used to accent the piece and to hold your nearest and dearest scraps of memorabilia. The class kit alone covers the price of the class, and you can sign up for Thursday or Friday night (September 14 or 15) at a class time of 6-8pm.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Que Sara Sara

It's Sara's birthday today. I'm not saying how old she's going to be, but if we count in dog years, I'm thinking she's waaaay old. Except in comparison to me, as I am, in fact, ancient. Even without dog year conversions.

So bring her in a greeting, bring her in a card, stop by and say hello. If you've read the blog and remember that it's her birthday, I think she should give you a 10% discount off your purchase. In addition to any frequent buyer discount you might already have. Tell her I said so and get in before 3pm. She's taking off for a real celebration and she's going to leave as soon as she can. Can you blame her? I mean, clock's ticking and all.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What's $5 or Less This Week? Besides Advice, I Mean...

Gail's FONTastic Class is $5. All for the glorious price of, uh, $5, you can learn how to download, install, and use computer fonts. You will create one 12x12 layout in class and you will then be able to rule the world. Or not. But you'lll still have one $5 layout. That's something. Also on Saturday from 1-3pm. Boy, it's going to be crowded in here.

Where's My DAWGS At?

Saturday at Annalis might get a little rowdy. Those Ahwatukee DAWGS are playing in the Little League World Series Saturday, and just down the way at CK's Tavern, they'll be whooping and hollering it up for the boys of summer. We're putting together some mightly fine baseball page kits so you can collect all those articles for your baseball hounds. We'd also like to offer our customers a chance to create a congratulations card for our local boys. We'll provide the supplies and directions; you make a contribution for the team to help fund their current expedition. Expect the parking lot to be packed: call us and we can make some arrangements to park out back if needed. And we'll toss in some goodies over the seventh inning stretch. Take me out, people!

Crop Friday? OK!

Crop Friday night!

Make a reservation now to hold your spot: $15 holds your space, but get a $15 credit if you spend $30 or more during the crop. Yes, we're charging you up front now. Otherwise, we miss your freshly scrubbed faces when you claim you're coming and never arrive. Others are turned away, miserable, downtrodden, and weeping in copious amounts. Really, we hate that.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bling It On~

Heidi Swapp's back in the house with lots of bling for your scrapbook projects. Plus lots of other fun from her summer line, including chipboard ornaments, journaling spots, ghost clocks, and chipboard alphas. We've also got her oversized one-word clear stamps back in stock. At least today. Tomorrow, as you may have heard, is another day.

I'll Take A Day Pass, Please

With family in town for a few days, I made a last-minute decision to take Mom and Sis (#3) to the Arizona Biltmore for the last day of the Scrapbook Answers Girls Weekend. Thanks to Jenny at Scrapbook Answers for letting us in on a day pass so we could spend a great girlie scrap day together.

We were able to take several classes with some pretty cool teachers. Margie Romney-Aslett from Making Memories took us on a Boho Chic trip that flipped out all out. Michelle Hill inspired us with her cool and creative Li'l Davis Cotillion line project. Jill Davis reminded us how empowering "I" statements are in renewing ourselves with her SEI book-in-a-bag project that also incorporated her own E-Cuts line from Scrapbook.com. And Amy Goldstein had us in stitches with her Pink Martini kit that made us all see stars.

After we cut out for a birthday dinner for Mom at the Cheesecake Factory, we returned just in time for a spot-on page layout from Jenni Bowlin. The Scrapbook Answers team capped off a great day with an evening crop full of amazing giveways for the 3-day attendees. Sponsors were overwhelmingly generous with goodie bags, class kits, and crop prizes. We're glad we did not miss out and were able to jump in, even if it was just for one day.

Watch this space (or one just like it) for a new contest with Annalis and Scrapbook Answers magazine!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Opaque Staz-on in white, blush pink, and baby blue arrived today. Add a soft glow of your own with these quiet and subtle Staz-On colors.

Distress Inks of all kinds are back in stock! You're not looking older, but your pages could be...

Junkitz Junk Bags are like cosmetic bags for your scrapbook. Don't lose your adhesives to the bottom of your scrap tote. Pick up one of these colorful beauties and stash your everyday needs so they are close at hand.

ASU and UofA albums in 8x8 sizes to coordinate with our page kits also showed up today. Get a head start on a holiday gift, or even think way ahead to graduation with the perfect gift size album.

Chip Chatter words are bright and ready to sand into that shabby chic look. From Princess to Trouble, we've got the last word.

We hear a lot how much our customers love our open stock items. So we've gathered up some Around the Block rubber charms that are so bright and playful, you'll find it hard to only get one. On the counter for easy pickin' and just a couple of quarters apiece.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hey, Every Weekend Should Be Girls Weekend

If you haven't heard, Scrapbook Answers is delivering you to paper and project nirvana via the Girls Weekend at the Arizona Biltmore this weekend. If it's too late to schedule off an entire 3-day weekend, check out their site and check into the day pass for the locals. (Click on "SHOP" and you can select a one-day pass for any of the three days of the event.) It's your chance to spend time in total immersion and learn the language of Paper-Arts-Land. Featured teachers include Making Memories' Margie Romney, Emily Falconbridge, Scrapbook Answers' Ana Cabrera, and Jenni Bowlin. Yes, there are more, but we'd hate to spoil all the surprises, now, wouldn't we?


Daisy D's gives us something to talk about with their new fall line. Scrumptious patterns and colors make it tough to cover with photos. But we'll manage. Grab these lines, just in and just put out today.

Also in is the formerly discussed and endlessly beautiful Twelve by 12. Come help us fuss a little.

Monday, August 07, 2006

That's Not Funny Either

Just arrived:

  • Sweetwater "Go Fish!" lives up to its name in delivering this masculine and non-cutesy vacation/outdoorsy line. Also: rub-ons and doodle stencils for the doodling-impaired.
  • Chatterbox papers in standard room colors and new designs. As per usual, the coordinating elements will ship separately, perhaps after we have sold out of our first shipment of papers.
  • ASU and UofA paper kits. Sparky rules.
  • Moxxie back-to-school papers, one designed for each year of school, from preschool through 12th grade. Bright, fun colors and lots of grade-level appropriate language. Use this paper with your annual school portraits and complete an album from start to finish in one afternoon. Seriously.
  • New idea books, including Paper Trends, Distressables 2 by Tim Holtz, Scrapbooking Tips and Tricks by CK, and Paper Crafts Remodeled. It's back-to-school time, so we can all learn something new!
  • Bulk florals by Heidi Swapp, because you need at least 100 in every color. The perfect item for your coupon: bring it in Tuesday. Think how lovely they will look all lined up in your scrap area.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

What a Load of Crop

I have to interrupt the CHA-Summer review for two reasons.

First, I am having serious funny block. Just ain't coming and I know the masses (!) are disappointed. So I am settling in with a marathon of goofy movies, a stash of David Sedaris books, and a pink featherduster in an effort find the skew that I have misplaced. Bear with me. It's likely to be temporary and oh, so worth it when I recover.

Second. (You were counting, right?)
Natalie is going to get right ugly with me if I don't start letting people know that we have a crop scheduled for this Friday, August 11, from 6-11:30pm. She's apparently desperate for funds and just might not be able to cover both her castle, I mean mortgage payment and her Benz, so I'm just trying to lend her a helping hand by blasting her message all over the boards. She's going to host, so you already know what you're in for, and if you book early, you might get some input on the menu. Act fast, though, otherwise her regulars will register and fill up the space.
So. Crop. Friday. 11th. 6pm. Call.

I will return and write in such a way that you too can snort your spaghetti through your nose. I mean, not on purpose, like a special skill you have. Purely by accident, as you double over with laughter. Heh.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Let's Get It Started In Here

Most Stellar Booth

Basic Grey's booth took my breath away. From the arrangement of the product to the top-notch samples, these folks just have it going on. Lots has been said about the Basic Grey copycat syndrome, but it's easy to spot a true original. They've also revamped the purchasing system and reduced it to a concert method of wrist-banding people so orders are fulfilled in the order of the wristbands. Creativity and logic. Sometimes life isn't fair, ya know? In any case, easy buying makes for product sold. We're in line.

Best Use of a British Term in a New Line

According to someone we asked, "cheeky" is what you get when you crack a joke that is just this side of being rude. OK, so we own this term along with Making Memories. Whether you see it as brash, bold, impudent, or saucy, we are so on board with this new line. We're bringing in paper, new jigsaw chipboard alphas, and lots upon lots of embellishments. Gotta say that we also loved the Christmas line but we're still on the fence on that lavender color. Perhaps it just takes some time to adjust?

Most Resilient

It was the CHA-Winter show when Twelve by 12 had its booth and contents stolen and destroyed. Bill and Jennifer O'Meara have rebounded with their CHA-Summer booth, showcasing Jennifer's artwork in a most spectacular line. Florals were everywhere at the show, but you've just never seen them like this. Gorgeous samples enhanced every paper line in the booth. We are anticipating the any-day-now arrival of our shipment so that we can create some magnet boards with these exquisite designs.

"There's Something Missing" Booth Award

I strolled by the Martha Stewart booth. No Martha, but also, no product. I guess if you have lots of money to introduce a product line, you need to show neither a product nor a prototype. Just say it's coming soon, include a booth dressed like a kitchen, show lots of videos of people making crafts, and you're good to go. Maybe the EK booth has more Martha than the Martha booth. She was released, right?

Capital Award

Just imagine, lots of capital to fund your breakthrough line. Just imagine, 4 distinct paper lines with coordinating embellishments, ribbons, rub-ons, chipboards, and jewels. Just imagine, a great marketing campaign, glossy catalog, friendly and helpful sales staff, a well-organized display booth, and people who clearly know their product line and customer. Imaginisce created quite a buzz, and for darn good reason. These folks, also responsible for the Bazzill Wings product line, have applied their knowledge and genius to this new-to-show line. It's spectacular and we do want it all. One area of improvement: I would imagine that scrapbookers reflect a certain diversity, but it's not apparent in their catalog. There's a lot of color used in those patterns and papers, so please add some color to your models. Just saying.