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Sunday, February 25, 2007

February Madness: Yes, We're a Month Early

Take a shot at great savings throughout the store. We've brought in lots of stock and still need to make room for more. To close out February, we've decided to offer 1o% off on everything in the store. Ramp up your savings to 15% if your total pre-tax purchase is $50 or more, and take off 20% for spending $100 or more pre-tax. To our frequent shoppers: your regular discount does not apply, and purchases do not count towards frequent shopper qualification levels. Discount does not apply to classes or clearance. (Yes, we hate the fine print too, but you can use this discount towards ribbon, Maya Road, Cosmo Cricket, Basic Grey, Making Memories, Doodlebug, All My Memories, 7 Gypsies, and so many other of our favorite vendors.) We've also been known to just randomly add fun stuff to your purchase, so stop on by and score!

Friday, February 23, 2007

A Flair for Good-Lookin' Cookin'

It's a recipe for amazing layouts, and you'll have every chance to measure up to the cutest paper cooking. We always flip for Flair, 'cause the company is run by some of our most favorite people, and the product is just so flippin' fun. We expect that this will be the number one entree for some time, and we suggest you get your takeout while it's still curbside. I don't know about you, but I am toast.

Customer of the Day: Beth Rogers

Paging Beth Rogers: Please come by and claim your special gift by the end of the month. We're just so excited that you claimed us on technorati as one of your favorites, and we'd like to return the favor. We've linked up, and we think you deserve a reward.

A Regular Cher Revival: Gypsies Return

Our Winter-CHA 7 Gypsies order has arrived, and that would be Heather you see dancing in the aisles. Well, if you had doorknobs and oval stamps, findings and fal-der-all, wouldn't you want to do some moving and shaking?

Attention Cosmo Girls

Plus, and there is a hecka hecka plus, the new Cosmo Cricket also was delivered, unpackaged, and gently caressed before being placed in a peachy-keen spot. All the Dutch Girl and Halfway Cafe you could want is in the store and ready for your loving care. Hey, I'm getting all sentimental here. To pull us out of all that drool, we're in the early days of planning a Cosmo Crop. Imagine the fun you'd have, fashioning your projects in the inspiring hues of Cosmo, sipping a...Cosmo, and taking a break to read...Cosmo. And because you know who we are, we just had to get our hands on the Cosmo neckties. Aren't you just thrilled to know you could have your picture taken while wearing a Cosmo tie (would it be far-fetched to say you're "tying one on") and have a layout that is already made to coordinate? Yes, we are selling Cosmo Cricket ties in our store, but we can always order more for the crop.

By the way, we know you're all wondering if we got Buck Naked in Anaheim. Answer: yes and it is shipping any moment now. Whew.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Friday: Crop and R-E-L-A-X

Last week, we crushed the hopes of an eager group of croppers, desperate to come play with paper and embellishments, because we could not accommodate them. What does that mean? Hey, just make a crop reservation. We are oh, so happy to hold you a spot so that you can be assured of being one of the crowd. And since we've decided to give away stuff on Friday night, you can be sure there's a goodie or two in it just for you. Hosted by Natalie, and ever so affordable at the cost of free (when you spend $30 or more during the crop) or $15 if you're saving for that new Cricut, we strongly encourage you to call us right this minute for your chair.

Also, while they last, our crop of 5 12" stand-up paper mache letters that spell RELAX, LA REX, XALRE, REAL X, or I am sure several other combinations of letters, discounted to $14.99. If you like math, that's about 3 bucks a letter. Relax, we've got a few in stock. At least, we did a minute ago...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Racking Up the Savings

We've cleared out a lot of paper in preparation for the new CHA-Winter stock. You can take advantage of our empty racks by checking out the stacks of paper in our crop room, all marked down 40%. As much as we love compliments on our racks (and who doesn't?), we love the anticipation of every delivery. Go ahead, between the packages and the racks, people will think our minds are in the gutter. Me? I have no idea what that means.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yep. We Do Sell Stuff.

Note to Self: People do want to know what has arrived.

May Arts: In case you do not have enough ribbon, and by the way, you do not, more has arrived in the store. Everything from puffy hearts to polka dots and in an amazing array of colors and widths. As it should be.

Lil Davis: We are all over this line and think you will be too. If you are exhausted by the rustic and bohemian feel of many of today's lines, and just want some color back in your life, it's time for an affair with Love Affair. This stuff is so not just for Valentine's Day and if the bright colors and lovely patterns do not make you squeal with happiness, well, we just think that's downright jackadog moldy sad and horrid for you. Not sure what that means exactly, but it sure sounded depressing. Commence squealing already.

Bazzill Bling: The bling in the room was so beyond fabulous, we went and got just about every dang color. Exhausting, and yet, worth it. Bling, you just bedazzle us.

More is on its way, as we continue to reap the benefits of CHA-Winter. And oh yeah, there will be a writeup. You betcha.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jesus, Get the Phone. I Mean, Actual Jesus, Not Taking His Name in Vain Jesus.

If you've kept up with some of my posts, you likely know that my darling sis died last month. Ovarian cancer. Ugly, awful, painful and she was all the things you would expect her to be. Because she is the opposite of me and has every good quality you could possibly imagine. Her service was last Saturday.

She had selected the music for the service and had a specific idea of what she wanted, so we did our best to deliver. I'd hate to think she was watching us, thinking, "What the hey? Why is the choir singing 'Dance,Dance' and making jazz hands? I do not recall writing down that particular selection." So we behaved.

Songs are sung, readings are read, and then it's time for the near and dear to say a few words. I knew already that no matter what I planned, I would divert and say something else. So I did and I did. I managed to say something (I hear it was recorded; I suspect that will be the only way I will know what I actually said.) Then it was someone else's turn.

Church is quiet, speaker commands attention, talks about sister dear's love for music. Suddenly, notes are heard throughout the church. Quietly at first, then persistently louder. Because. A. Cell.Phone. Is. Ringing. Speaker tries to ignore, but it is just too obvious. The Bach Minuet seems to go on endlessly until someone frantically puts it out of its misery. Nervous laughter. Speaker makes lovely kind comment and audience plays along, laughing. From my perch behind the speaker, I confess. Yes, that was my phone. Thank you to my daughter for scrambling to snatch it out of my purse and thanks to my lovely niece for shutting it off. Apparently, I continue to celebrate my sister in the same way I have done my whole life: I am, in fact, a total goober.

The service, by the way, was perfect. As her best friend said in her remarks, sometimes things do not turn out the way you planned.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Artist-in-Residence This Saturday!

Saturday February 3

Annalis welcomes Guest Artist Keri Schneider

Keri Schneider is the talented artist responsible for the bright and whimsical designs at Kangaroo and Joey. She has been involved in the imprintable invitation industry for years, but recently incorporated her designs in a line specifically for scrapbookers.

Now you can take a class designed by Keri and taught by Keri.
Saturday, Feb 3rd from 10am-1pm and again Tuesday evening Feb 6 from 5pm-8pm. She's fun, charming, and has offered to share her unique and creative talents with the Annalis crowd! We can't tell you how excited we are to have her in the store, except I think maybe we just did. Hold your spot today, because we expect a sellout crowd.