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Monday, March 05, 2007

Nice Pants. Very Fancy.

New Fancy Pants has arrived and is being unpacked henceforth. If you've been looking to remodel your paper wardrobe, we suggest you do it now. Sashay, runway. Ha!

Crop Party

I don't host a crop very often, so if you've missed me, Friday night is the night to sign up for a crop. Sometimes I clean out the back room, and you never know what I'll find to give away. $15 holds your spot; spend $30 during the crop and we waive the $15 fee. I'll bring pages that I'll never be able to actually work on, so be prepared to get lots of advice from me on your pages. I'm never offended when you tune me out and decide to use those deco scissors anyway. Also, you can probably talk me into something besides pizza for dinner. Provide a suggestion when you sign up and I will at least think about it. But no fondue. When it drips all over my paper, it does not make it look chic or rustic, just edible. And that's just not right.


  • At 8:44 PM , Blogger Misty said...

    Any way to set up an email list for people who want to know if there is a crop on Fridays??? I would like to come every Friday if you all are there...


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