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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Precisely What You Need

Basic Grey shipped a couple of Precision Tool Kits our way, and although we're wanting to keep them all for ourselves, (yup, we're a bunch of hoarders, we are) we've decided to let a few of you come in and get your own set. Since we're always prepared to sand and alter everything in sight, and some stuff that we're hiding, you can imagine our delight with all the components of this cool bit of tool kit. Not even to mention the Stella Ruby and other assorted winter lines of paper that Basic Grey sent along with the tool kits.

Zutter Cutter Utter Madness: AKA Bind-It-All

We're all over this new cutting and binding system. We've ordered one for everyone who wants one, as long as you're in the first half-dozen or so people who fits that category. We also decided you'd want all the different sizes and styles of all the thingamajigs you can cut and bind. After all, we can all do with a little binding now and again.

Masses of Sassafras Lass
Sassafras entertained us and we reciprocated. We realize we probably made everyone just slightly nutty with our ongoing participation at the winter show, but those t-shirts just made us want to play along. If you have no idea what I mean, well, neither do I, since I was in Denver. I just heard some of the staff was enjoying the Sassafras marketing party. Yeah, that's what all that noise was. Bottom line, you've just gotta see their new release. Those people know how to make us all dance, dance, dance.


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