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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You Have Class

(Having a little issue with loading pics, so please jump on over to our website for photos. Apologies aplenty.)

Mom's Garden with Jaime
Tuesday April 24th 6pm
$30 Make a blooming beautiful art display with Jaime. You won't have to spell out how much you love your M-O-M when she opens this one-of-a-kind work of art, personalized by you.

M is for Mom with Jaime
Wednesday April 25 at 6pm
$40 More TIN-spiration from Jaime. This altered book accordion-style foldout will be cherished for generations once you have added your own photos and journaling. Created with 7gypsies embellishments and YES! adhesive, it's a perfect Mother's Day reward.

Dry Erase Board with Jaime
Saturday, April 28 at 11am
$25 Constant schedule changes making it hard for you to keep track of really important events? Write down this class, highlight it, or circle it with a sharpie so you don't overlook this chance to make this unique project. It's altered art that can be dry-erased, so any event cancellation doesn't mark up your beautiful work. Basic Grey is used in the example, but select your own paper to coordinate with your home decor.

To Gnome Me Is To Love Me

After I explained the purpose of the garden gnome to my Amazing Race partner-in-crime, it seems the little dwarf (sorry, is that redundant?) is everywhere. Interesting how you perhaps do not notice how ubiquitous something is until it is pointed out, and then, well, everywhere. Although not sure something that is never noticed can really be ubiquitous, actually. Seems contradictory. Huh. Just like my partner-in-crime. Well, there you go. Hope you enjoyed the ride. Hee.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Having a Crate Time, Wish You Were Here

If Ralph Lauren was interested in designing scrapbook paper, not only would it look like this, it would have the same texture and volume. It's just classic, timeless paper that makes all your scrapbook art look elegant. Perhaps you might bring a crate for all the Crate that you will decide you must have, once you stop in and see what the heck I mean. Disclaimer: keep in mind, I am not known for my fashion sense, so ultimately, you may look at the same selection of paper and think "What?" In any case, or should I say, in any crate, (heh), you will still want it all.

Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Convention Promotion: Free with Purchase!

Bring in your Mesa pre-registration for the CK convention, spend $20 (pre-tax, post frequent-buyer discount) and we'll hand you a bonus gift of a CK tote. Perfect for carrying around all that Crate you want anyway, and what is better than free? (Limited amount, so hurry in today, while supplies last and all that other mumbo-jumbo.)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Karen Burniston, Rusty Pickle Tour, and You: Sunday April 22 from 5-7pm

Let me start this message by telling you how much I adore Karen Burniston. I've taken classes from her and just have to say that she is one of the most organized and effective teachers ever. She definitely uses her engineering background to develop her instructions so they are clear and accessible, and she remains one of the friendliest and kindest people I have ever met. So Karen, I am officially beyond excited that you are coming to Annalis to teach the Inner Circle class. As if that is not enough, Karen is delivering a design with one of our favorite product lines, Rusty Pickle. Beyond cool, people, just beyond cool.

Here are the instructor-provided details:
Designed by: Karen Burniston
Class Time: 2 hours
Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Project: Interactive 8x8 round mini-album
Cost: $30 per person

Class Description:
You may have seen Rusty Pickle’s fabulous 8x8 chipboard circle albums, but you’ve never seen one dressed up quite like this! Join us for INNER CIRCLE and create a one-of-a-kind round album using gorgeous papers from the new Guenevire collection. The rich colors and sophisticated designs make this collection striking in its versatility. Decorate the album with pictures of any subject – we won’t box you in! (Pun intended) The artsy styling and flourishes lend it well to adult subjects (romance, friendship, Mother’s Day) but can also be used for a child. This uniquely-shaped album will become even more unique with a clever binding technique and three interactive slide-out pages. Plus, with the detailed handout and extra templates, it will be a piece of (round) cake for you to create future Inner Circle albums in a variety of colors and themes. Join the Inner Circle – you’ll get somewhere by going round and round!

Gather the following tools and supplies for class:
Adhesives – need a tape runner with a refill and (as a suggestion) a glue stick for covering the album.
Glue dots
Paper piercer or push pin
Craft knife, ruler and cutting mat
Regular office hole punch or Crop-a-Dile

Photos can be added later.

Bio - Karen Burniston

Karen Burniston is a freelance instructor and designer from Colorado, where she lives with her husband, John, and their 8-year-old twins Karl and Emma. She has been working in the scrapbooking industry since 2002, when she was named a winner in the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame contest. Since then she has contributed to many magazines and idea books, including Hot Looks for Scrapbooks, Your Sentiments Exactly, and Totally Transparent. For three years she designed a line of scrapbooking products called Scrapperware that is licensed to Creative Imaginations. She has traveled the world teaching at stores and conventions, often drawing on her civil engineering background to create interactive elements on the projects.

Things she finds delicious include ketchup, Whoppers candy, reality TV, and the perfect rubber stamp. Things she finds not-so-delicious include carrots, scrapper’s block and housework. Learn more about Karen’s classes, including video previews and “what to bring” lists at http://www.karenburniston.com/. Learn more about Karen the person, including her silly adventures, by reading her blog at: www.karenburniston.typepad.com

Register Today:
This class will fill quickly, so we strongly encourage you to make your reservation today. What a fun way to wrap up your April weekend: Sunday April 22 from 5-7pm. Bring your own whoppers, because I suspect that Karen's not sharing hers.

Crop Excitement Tonight~

Join tonight's crop by making your reservation right now. 6-11:30pm. $15 crop fee, waived for croppers who spend $30 or more (pre-tax). Why are your still reading this? You should be calling to sign up!

Lifes Rich Pageant

Check into the suite life of My Minds Eye and surround yourself with the incredible luxury of coordinated papers and embellishments from the Signature Life series, just the latest in high class accommodations from this company. We fully expect to see your own John Hancock after you come in and are as overcome with shock and awe as we were when we unpacked everything. I just wanted to keep it all for myself, but I suppose I can share.

On My Honor

Massive quantities of gorgeous Girl Scout papers are now out and available. You'll earn a merit badge of thanks from your Brownie or Girl Scout when you create a project from this K&Co series. It's taken Girl Scouts this long to license a paper and embellishment line, and after you see what K&Co produced, you may agree that it was worth the wait. Although many of the papers are customized with the Girl Scout Promise and Law, as well as other specific Girl Scout icons, just as many of the papers are coordinated to work together and can be used for any project, scouting or not. And if you happen to be like me, with a child in Scouting for many years, you will love the customized Brownie and Girl Scout 12x12 albums. I know I am moving all my Girl Scout pages from my blah-looking really antiquated (and not distressed on purpose) album just so I can add one of these spiffy new albums to my collection.

We did not forget the boys entirely, so you will find a selection of Cub Scout and Boy Scout papers as well.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Technique Tuesday: Wednesday Thursday Friday

Stock up on Technique Tuesday clear-mounted stamps and accessories while we offer 25% off for today, tomorrow, and Friday only. From Love Notes to alphas, it's hard to surpass the quality of these stamps. Blog-only special for in-stock items only. Frequent flyer discount does not apply to this purchase and coupon may not be applied in addition to this discount.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Theme Paper Alert

All kinds of Reminisce papers are crowding the floor, as we've added to our Disney , travel, Americana, sports (best ever ladies line with volleyball, softball, and basketball), summer play, calendar, and music themes just arrived. And for those of you asking about Grandma, well, her paper is here and waiting for you. Since you mentioned it, we thought we'd bring in some Mom and Daughter paper too, just in time to prep for those Mother's Day projects you've been designing in your head. I am thinking about signing up the teen for a sport, just so I can use the fabulous sports paper. It's just that cool.

Get Social This Friday

Join Misty for this Friday's crop. From 6-11:30pm, enjoy the heartbreaking work of staggering genius known to us as Natalie, chow down on some yummy vittles, and create priceless works of art. How could you pass this up? $15 holds a spot, and if you can spend upwards of $30, we'll kindly waive the crop fee. Winners all, but call today before we start a waiting list. C'mon Misty, we're giving you a 2nd chance at our favorite chair!