Easily Amused

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cancer Sucks. Scrap Pink Rocks.

Stand up if you're a cancer survivor. Stand up if you know someone who has survived cancer. Stand up if you miss every day, terribly, someone that you have known and loved who fought the cancer fight. I'm guessing most of us are standing.

Everywhere I go lately, I am seeing Pink campaigns: food stores, kitchen equipment, races, t-shirts. It's enough to make me dislike the color pink, if only because I wish the reason for the Pink just was not.

We're doing a small part to eliminate that reason this weekend. Friday and Saturday, each day from 10am-2am, you can come and crop to raise money for cancer research via Scrap Pink. We've collected a special treasure for each attendee, and will donate $10 per person to the cause. We're including food, although we're kinda still hoping for some last minute food donations to be confirmed, we're going to keep you fed in any case. We're already sold out for Saturday, but there are spots available Friday night. $32 gets you in the door, eligible for some great giveways, a 10% discount on everything you purchase (5% additional if you already have a frequent shopper discount), plenty of food, and some fun surprises.

Check out all our new product, pick up the latest publications (including the ones featuring Heather's work), and get in the pink with us. Someday, pink will just be another color again.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Creative Escape Reverse Happy Hour 10-12pm Friday Sept 7th

We've been charmed and delighted by the Creative Escapees who've chosen to stop by and wander the aisles of Annalis. We know that Heidi and her cohorts have packed in a buncha cool surprises to level the heat of the desert, and we thought we'd add on another. The best part is that you don't have to be an Escapee (your new tag, I believe) to play along.

We generally close at 6pm on Fridays when there isn't a crop happening. And we were so worn out by working without air last weekend (all fixed now, phew!) that we still planned to close at 6pm. Except now we're reopening for a late night showcase from 10-12pm just this Friday Sept 7th. So if you've finished off your day, cleaned up after dinner, danced around the yard a bit (oh, wait, that was me), and you just aren't ready to settle down for the evening, come on by and have a little party with us.

We'll have some in-store specials, a couple of fun giveaways (I'm pretty sure someone grabbed the last pink colander today, so I'll have to find something else to give away), and plan an unplanned make n' take. (Yes, that is in fact a contradiction in terms. Whatever.) Specifically, to get you into the mood for Scrap Pink, we'll provide some supplies to craft a pink ribbon tag or card. Easy, fun, and free: three words that just make us giggle with delight. Now that it's been said, I guess that seems like more of a planned make n' take then not. Well hey.

And if you're curious about what the heck a Scrap Pink is anyhoo, watch this space. I need one more day to really decide exactly what I want to say. Your patience, as always, is treasured.