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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Just got in the new KI Memories, with selections from the Alpine and Holiday lines. Yes, it's gorgeous. Yes, it will make fabulous cards. Yes, we want the matching chipboard letters and shapes. Done.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

And My Mildly Interesting Other Friend

Have you been introduced to My Creative Companion Volume Two? More than a mouthful, but packed end-to-end with creative jumpstarts for all your scrapbook brain freezes, this one is a keeper. This bonny blue book starts out with ideas for accents and borders, moves into sketch and journaling territory, and finishes off with all kinds of odds and ends. We've already nailed the odds, so we suggest you come pick yours up before our supply...ends? For extra entertainment, we encourage you to compare Volume One and Volume Two side-by-side and see how scrapbooking has evolved. Hey, just like us. Hee.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Flippin' Flair and Freakin' Planes

It's a little Western Flair this time, and it's got us all yodeling. Or something resembling coyotes howling at the moon. Perfect paper on one side, perfect ideas on the other. I want the whole collection and I'm still working on my Vermont fall pictures. Which probably won't really work with the paper, regardless of how marvelous it is otherwise.

Seriously, though, in the last 3 days, it's been summery (AZ), fall (VT), and definitely winter (CO). I believe that I am living the seasons in the sun as I fly hither and yon. Packing requires all my attention to make sure I have the correct garments for the place to whence I journey. And it is apparently affecting my speech patterns as well. Yikey. Is it normal for flight attendants AND pilots to know you by name and by luggage? San Gabriel, I believe you are next. Then on to La Jolla. What to pack, what to pack.

Friday, October 13, 2006

A Daisy of a Package, and I Got Mine

Daisy D's Package:
  • Christmas paper
  • Drool-worthy
  • Shabbylicious
  • Vintage charm
  • Unique and collectible
  • Fun for the whole family

My Package:

  • Fresh, even after 15 more years of aging
  • Yummy
  • Vintage charm
  • Not-too-shabby at all
  • Singularly lovable
  • Vastly entertaining

You can have all the Daisy D's. I'm keeping my package all for myself. Hee. (Oh, goodness, people, keep it to a quiet roar. We're friends, you know. Capital F. You can spell the rest. Stop imagining things. Hotcha!)

Scrapbook Answers, R.I.P.

We knew ya, we loved ya, and we'll now have our contest as an ode to your memory.

Monday, October 09, 2006

I'll Take Scrapbook Artists for $600, Alex

Check out Mindy's boffo layout in this month's Scrapbook Answers (November) issue. It's a charming pink and black design, splashed across not one, but nearly two pages, and featured prominently on the accompanying CD jacket. To celebrate, we've teamed with the Scrapbook Answers team and are offering up one goodie bag from the Girls Weekend that was held at Arizona Biltmore a couple months back. Here's how to play: choose either of the two contests on page 11 of the magazine. Enter one layout of your choice for either contest and we'll pick our favorite. Submit an original layout of your entry by Nov.10; we'll display them all and select one overall winner.

Also, since we've sold every last copy of the mag already (Mindy's family must be in town), here are the contests:
  1. Show off your city or town's seasonal glory in this layout. Choose one season or four, or select any one of Phoenix' one season (heh) that best shows off the season and the city.
  2. Create a layout using one of the printable images or kit elements on the Scrapbook Answers disc. Again, since we're sold out, we know this assignment is slightly tougher. Chances are, if you ask around (try Mindy's family), someone might cough up a disc that you can borrow.

What's in the goodie bag? Check in after October 18th and even we will know the answer to that one. Or maybe that's the question, Alex.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Memorable Box o' Stuff

Have you seen the ginormous chipboard letters, symbols, and dingbats from Making Memories? We did and that was us doing the happy dance. Also available in a Christmas holiday collection, you will flip over these, especially since they come to you for under a buck apiece. Along with that haul, we've also pretty chipper over the adorable metal frames, winter pebble brads, Christmas cardstock tags and paper. Apparently, the trend of the holiday season is cream paper with red polka dots. We know: we've got it from Junkitz/Teresa Collins, Melissa Frances, and Making Memories. Some people have clearly been having lunch together. Happy Hapy Joy Joy indeed.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Date with Crate

Crate Paper, in all its glorious texture and subtle coloring, is here. Twirl on in, check out the Cowboy and Cowgirl, whistle at the Birdie, and feel the Carnival spirit. It's just a wee bit decadent, in an unexpected way.

Dedra, Call Me or Send an eMail

Everyone else: Hey! Why are you reading this?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Autumn Overload of Goodies

7 gypsies sent us the rest of our summer order, and it is a doozy. Library stamps in all flavors, kits and caboodles of photo turns, portfolios, accordians, and purses. It's downright gypsy thievery at the (very very good) prices per. You think you want one, you check out the price, and you realize you want (need) them all.

Autumn Leaves sent our order from California by way of Ohio, and it finally arrived today. New Rhonna Farrar and Tia Bennett clear stamps, new overlays, buttons in a bag, Blackbird and Playtime lines, and the Foof-a-la, la, la Christmas line are all out for the stampeding. Please don't hurt us: we promise we can reorder if need be.

Oh, and we open at 10am. We are expecting a line.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Perpetual Colanders Are In

And we've got them. Some are ivory, some are pink with black rims. We think you can use them to store scrapbook embellishments, although I guess you could strain pasta. Ha! You were thinking we misspelled something, weren't you? Actual colanders, actually in the store. Except I just sold 2, so there are less than there were before.

Along with the colanders, we're restocked our mini card tins. These are the cuties that you can decorate in about a minute and use for gift-card giving. Fun, quick, and personalized: we love perfection. Hee.