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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Friday: Crop and R-E-L-A-X

Last week, we crushed the hopes of an eager group of croppers, desperate to come play with paper and embellishments, because we could not accommodate them. What does that mean? Hey, just make a crop reservation. We are oh, so happy to hold you a spot so that you can be assured of being one of the crowd. And since we've decided to give away stuff on Friday night, you can be sure there's a goodie or two in it just for you. Hosted by Natalie, and ever so affordable at the cost of free (when you spend $30 or more during the crop) or $15 if you're saving for that new Cricut, we strongly encourage you to call us right this minute for your chair.

Also, while they last, our crop of 5 12" stand-up paper mache letters that spell RELAX, LA REX, XALRE, REAL X, or I am sure several other combinations of letters, discounted to $14.99. If you like math, that's about 3 bucks a letter. Relax, we've got a few in stock. At least, we did a minute ago...


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