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Friday, February 23, 2007

A Regular Cher Revival: Gypsies Return

Our Winter-CHA 7 Gypsies order has arrived, and that would be Heather you see dancing in the aisles. Well, if you had doorknobs and oval stamps, findings and fal-der-all, wouldn't you want to do some moving and shaking?

Attention Cosmo Girls

Plus, and there is a hecka hecka plus, the new Cosmo Cricket also was delivered, unpackaged, and gently caressed before being placed in a peachy-keen spot. All the Dutch Girl and Halfway Cafe you could want is in the store and ready for your loving care. Hey, I'm getting all sentimental here. To pull us out of all that drool, we're in the early days of planning a Cosmo Crop. Imagine the fun you'd have, fashioning your projects in the inspiring hues of Cosmo, sipping a...Cosmo, and taking a break to read...Cosmo. And because you know who we are, we just had to get our hands on the Cosmo neckties. Aren't you just thrilled to know you could have your picture taken while wearing a Cosmo tie (would it be far-fetched to say you're "tying one on") and have a layout that is already made to coordinate? Yes, we are selling Cosmo Cricket ties in our store, but we can always order more for the crop.

By the way, we know you're all wondering if we got Buck Naked in Anaheim. Answer: yes and it is shipping any moment now. Whew.


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