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Friday, February 23, 2007

Customer of the Day: Beth Rogers

Paging Beth Rogers: Please come by and claim your special gift by the end of the month. We're just so excited that you claimed us on technorati as one of your favorites, and we'd like to return the favor. We've linked up, and we think you deserve a reward.


  • At 3:31 PM , Blogger Just us.... said...

    Suzy!!!! How the heck are ya, girl?

    OK, assuming I am the 'Beth Rogers' that you are referring to.....Do you know how crazy it is to check your blog and see my name there!?!?! I thought I was in trouble for something!! LOL

    So, I do have you listed on Technorati as one of my faves--'Cuz you are! Stalker type person that I am, I check for new blog posts everyday. Unfortunately, I don't live in AZ anymore so I can't come by the store to claim anything. Man, oh man, don't I wish I could though, and how I miss my dear AZ scrapping buddies!!

    Now, if I am the "Beth Rogers" in question (and my user name at technorati is 'our3sons' in case that can be used as the secret password to confirm my identity), since I can't come by to claim anything, I vote that you bestow my prize on some unsuspecting person...a "pay it forward" kind of thing. Which would probably make you even more one of my favorites, and probably the unsuspecting person's favorite, too!!

  • At 3:51 PM , Blogger Suzy said...


    Yes it is you and I hope you got a thrill from it! We will pay it forward, but if you send me an email (my link is on the blog) then I will also send a little something to your address.

    Hee hee.


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