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Monday, October 09, 2006

I'll Take Scrapbook Artists for $600, Alex

Check out Mindy's boffo layout in this month's Scrapbook Answers (November) issue. It's a charming pink and black design, splashed across not one, but nearly two pages, and featured prominently on the accompanying CD jacket. To celebrate, we've teamed with the Scrapbook Answers team and are offering up one goodie bag from the Girls Weekend that was held at Arizona Biltmore a couple months back. Here's how to play: choose either of the two contests on page 11 of the magazine. Enter one layout of your choice for either contest and we'll pick our favorite. Submit an original layout of your entry by Nov.10; we'll display them all and select one overall winner.

Also, since we've sold every last copy of the mag already (Mindy's family must be in town), here are the contests:
  1. Show off your city or town's seasonal glory in this layout. Choose one season or four, or select any one of Phoenix' one season (heh) that best shows off the season and the city.
  2. Create a layout using one of the printable images or kit elements on the Scrapbook Answers disc. Again, since we're sold out, we know this assignment is slightly tougher. Chances are, if you ask around (try Mindy's family), someone might cough up a disc that you can borrow.

What's in the goodie bag? Check in after October 18th and even we will know the answer to that one. Or maybe that's the question, Alex.


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