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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Let's Get It Started In Here

Most Stellar Booth

Basic Grey's booth took my breath away. From the arrangement of the product to the top-notch samples, these folks just have it going on. Lots has been said about the Basic Grey copycat syndrome, but it's easy to spot a true original. They've also revamped the purchasing system and reduced it to a concert method of wrist-banding people so orders are fulfilled in the order of the wristbands. Creativity and logic. Sometimes life isn't fair, ya know? In any case, easy buying makes for product sold. We're in line.

Best Use of a British Term in a New Line

According to someone we asked, "cheeky" is what you get when you crack a joke that is just this side of being rude. OK, so we own this term along with Making Memories. Whether you see it as brash, bold, impudent, or saucy, we are so on board with this new line. We're bringing in paper, new jigsaw chipboard alphas, and lots upon lots of embellishments. Gotta say that we also loved the Christmas line but we're still on the fence on that lavender color. Perhaps it just takes some time to adjust?

Most Resilient

It was the CHA-Winter show when Twelve by 12 had its booth and contents stolen and destroyed. Bill and Jennifer O'Meara have rebounded with their CHA-Summer booth, showcasing Jennifer's artwork in a most spectacular line. Florals were everywhere at the show, but you've just never seen them like this. Gorgeous samples enhanced every paper line in the booth. We are anticipating the any-day-now arrival of our shipment so that we can create some magnet boards with these exquisite designs.

"There's Something Missing" Booth Award

I strolled by the Martha Stewart booth. No Martha, but also, no product. I guess if you have lots of money to introduce a product line, you need to show neither a product nor a prototype. Just say it's coming soon, include a booth dressed like a kitchen, show lots of videos of people making crafts, and you're good to go. Maybe the EK booth has more Martha than the Martha booth. She was released, right?

Capital Award

Just imagine, lots of capital to fund your breakthrough line. Just imagine, 4 distinct paper lines with coordinating embellishments, ribbons, rub-ons, chipboards, and jewels. Just imagine, a great marketing campaign, glossy catalog, friendly and helpful sales staff, a well-organized display booth, and people who clearly know their product line and customer. Imaginisce created quite a buzz, and for darn good reason. These folks, also responsible for the Bazzill Wings product line, have applied their knowledge and genius to this new-to-show line. It's spectacular and we do want it all. One area of improvement: I would imagine that scrapbookers reflect a certain diversity, but it's not apparent in their catalog. There's a lot of color used in those patterns and papers, so please add some color to your models. Just saying.


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