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Friday, August 18, 2006

Petal to the Metal

We think it's kinda cool that we're teaching at the CK Convention at the Civic Plaza next month. We want to put on a boffo show and take everyone through a wicked awesome project, so we've selected Michelle Hill's Crillon line from L'il Davis as our main source of materials. (Let's take a moment here to discuss how much fun we had at Michelle's class during Scrapbook Answers' Girls Weekend. I know we're being slightly redundant, as we've celebrated her awesomeness here just a few paragraphs ago. Still. It was a blast. We lurve her. Heh. Now back to our regular yammering.) We're planning a triptych of sorts, hinging 3 metal sheets together into one bangup art project. That would be the metal. The petals, as you probably have determined by now, are the flower magnets that will be used to accent the piece and to hold your nearest and dearest scraps of memorabilia. The class kit alone covers the price of the class, and you can sign up for Thursday or Friday night (September 14 or 15) at a class time of 6-8pm.


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