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Saturday, August 05, 2006

What a Load of Crop

I have to interrupt the CHA-Summer review for two reasons.

First, I am having serious funny block. Just ain't coming and I know the masses (!) are disappointed. So I am settling in with a marathon of goofy movies, a stash of David Sedaris books, and a pink featherduster in an effort find the skew that I have misplaced. Bear with me. It's likely to be temporary and oh, so worth it when I recover.

Second. (You were counting, right?)
Natalie is going to get right ugly with me if I don't start letting people know that we have a crop scheduled for this Friday, August 11, from 6-11:30pm. She's apparently desperate for funds and just might not be able to cover both her castle, I mean mortgage payment and her Benz, so I'm just trying to lend her a helping hand by blasting her message all over the boards. She's going to host, so you already know what you're in for, and if you book early, you might get some input on the menu. Act fast, though, otherwise her regulars will register and fill up the space.
So. Crop. Friday. 11th. 6pm. Call.

I will return and write in such a way that you too can snort your spaghetti through your nose. I mean, not on purpose, like a special skill you have. Purely by accident, as you double over with laughter. Heh.


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