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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Having a Crate Time, Wish You Were Here

If Ralph Lauren was interested in designing scrapbook paper, not only would it look like this, it would have the same texture and volume. It's just classic, timeless paper that makes all your scrapbook art look elegant. Perhaps you might bring a crate for all the Crate that you will decide you must have, once you stop in and see what the heck I mean. Disclaimer: keep in mind, I am not known for my fashion sense, so ultimately, you may look at the same selection of paper and think "What?" In any case, or should I say, in any crate, (heh), you will still want it all.

Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Convention Promotion: Free with Purchase!

Bring in your Mesa pre-registration for the CK convention, spend $20 (pre-tax, post frequent-buyer discount) and we'll hand you a bonus gift of a CK tote. Perfect for carrying around all that Crate you want anyway, and what is better than free? (Limited amount, so hurry in today, while supplies last and all that other mumbo-jumbo.)


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