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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Busy Times!

Sorry all for the delay in posting an update! The store has been super busy and it has been great to see so many of our regular customers as well as so many new faces! We are looking forward to a lot of exciting events coming up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned...

New Stuff

We just received a load of the cutest charms: everything from a little golf cart (perfect for a retirement card) to bowling pins to the Empire State Building and a taxicab arrived earlier this week. Each one adds just the right touch to your special project. Charming!

More Disney papers in bright colors, including the standard Mouse along with Pooh, Piglet, Princesses, and some vintage Big D. We are also working on a class to help you with those pages that are part of that "other" Disney world, like Bug's Life, Toy Story, and the villainesses of Land o' Disney. Ask us and we promise to share more.

The elusive 8.5x11 cardstock makes an appearance in the store. We have stocked up on tons of colors in 8.5x11 paper. Our goal is to make sure we have plenty of paper that is ready to feed through your printer so you can make all your invitations and cards quickly and easily. While you are picking up your paper, stop by our new display board of sample invites. Choose from the ideas presented or have a chat with any of our fabulous staff and we will help you create just the ticket for your special event. Don't be too surprised if we ask you to make one extra to share with us for our sample board - we love to show off our customer ideas!

More Prima has arrived! Flowers and leaves in colorful combos, bottled up and forever yours. Choose one of each color; we know it is hard to decide.

Magnet boards are back in stock. We sell them as fast as we get them in, so please stop in or call us if you need some put aside. So easy to make adorable holiday gifts with these affordable, useful bases. We have placecard and larger sizes available.

Saturday Night

Our crop on Saturday is filling fast, so please call us for your space today. We are continuing our 15/30 special: spend $30 and we waive the crop fee of $15. So much fun stuff to buy, we know you will easily qualify for a FREE crop. Sweet!


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