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Thursday, March 02, 2006

"They're Going Like Bagels"

At last! Storage for your foam stamps from Li'l Davis Designs. Choose the large size that holds up to 5 sets or the smaller size that holds 3 sets. We've ordered a hoard of them because we know that all our foam stamp collectors have been hankering after these for quite some time.

Hey Hey It's the Monkeys

Rusty Pickle's Big Top collection finally arrived, and we are so happy to have some monkeys around here. Tagging along with the boyish paper is some girlie-girl paper, so there's something for everyone in the house. And if you've been waiting for the restock of Prmitive Hearts, it's finally here.

With This Ring...

American Tag rings in sizes from 3/4" up to a big honkin' 2" are here. Now you can make your books with rings that open wide instead of trying to slide all the papers around a keychain ring. Vegas-style envelopes in a nifty 6x9 size will hold your Vegas memorabilia and serve as a sassy litle page decoration. Are you feeling lucky?

Chatterbox Has Clearly Arrived

One of our favorite new CHA-W items were the letters and quote transparencies from Chatterbox . We just love using transparencies on everything anyway, and having the adhesive already on the product totally speeds up the process for us. Find letters and quotes in our favorite Chatterbox color ensembles, and go forth to adhere.


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