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Friday, February 24, 2006

I Would Update the Blog If I Could Stop Unpacking These Boxes That Keep Arriving...

Like the one with new Prima flowers in Got Flowers? shades of lavendar, taupe, and a mix of red and green that does not only go with Christmas pages.

Or like the one with 8x8 metal Memories-in-Tote suitcase albums that are not SEI even though I used their brand name to describe them. (Follow that?)

Perhaps like the box with All My Memories paper in classic pink and brown patterns. And blue and brown patterns.

Or the wake-me-up-I've passed-out-from-excitement look of the vintage Lullaby collection from Daisy D's. OMG rustic patterns that are your grandmother's quilt, and I mean that in the best possible way.

Could it be the May Arts ribbon that is really frayed, wired (or not), and (again) lovely vintage in just about every color you can imagine?

It might perhaps be the Karen Foster box with theme paper (! No, really, you should see it!) because the embellishment line of metal plates is quite a bucket of fun. And we picked up farm paper, zoo paper, Western paper and some interesting sports paper. (You know, we've felt like we've been lacking the right golf paper here.)

I'd also like to thank the folks at Making Memories for sending a groovy cool box of STUFF. Apparently, we won a drawing just for keeping them updated with our store information. And for your information, we just love free stuff too.


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