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Friday, February 03, 2006

CHA CHA Babe Part Deux

More awards from the trenches:

Friendliest Booth
Those guys and gals from the ScrapWorks booth rock us every time. We love the dance party, the music, and the product. We admit we are still a little freaked out by the teddy in the new line, but we can learn to love it.

Best Line by a Company Who Always Exceeds Our Expectations
Basic Grey
Our first stop, our first order of the show, and even with the sneak peeks, they just dazzled. Is it possible to just have a Basic Grey store, all BG all the time? We think it is.

Favorite "Scrap Celebrity" Spotted
Kelli Noto
She's all that, people, and more. How can you cram so much talent and charm into one gal? Shoot, we just love ya, Kelli.

Coolest Non-scrapper Spotted
James Garner
It is Vegas, and lots of people hang in the City That Never Sleeps. We didn't get any sleep either, but gambling and booze were not the reason. Although spotted on the strip, we're pretty sure Jim Rockford wasn't here for the same paper as us. Runner-up: fake Elvis. Because it's still Elvis.

Trend We Liked But Think Was Overdone at the Show
Folk Art
Did you all go to the same meeting? What was it with the overabundance of folk art inspired paper and stock? Jeepers, we like it a lot. We just want some options.

Trend Most Expected to Look Like Deco Scissors in the Next Year
Digital Brushes
Way to look dated! We are already just about over this trend. Maybe it's because they've been around 4-ever and scrapbookers are just picking up on the trend. Maybe it's because we're just Mac people. Maybe we're just being snarky. (Us? Ya think?)

Funkiest Item Spotted on a 12x12 Page Layout
Autumn Leaves
The Freestyle display was breathtaking for a lot of wonderful reasons. We loved the use of handwriting and altered art and we LOVED seeing new artists. We took special note of the license plate cut in the shape of a flower and attached as an embellishment to the layout. Yeah, we're pretty sure it's not acid-free and just as sure we don't give a hoot. TDF.

Most Overdone Trend
We like it too but wow it was everywhere. Chipboard, stamps, paper, paper mache, and just about every other product in the show had a punctuation option. We admit it, we still ordered some. !!

Most Overpriced Line
$40 for a rack of 6 bottles of flowers? We live way to close to IKEA to hop on that bus. We had to stick to the "Got Flowers?" line for the most part, because so much of the release was all about the packaging options. And it's hard for us to sell a metal magnet board, embossed or not, at a $22 retail price when we already have a magnet board staple at $4. Methinks the flower fad has gone to Prima's head. Also, someone passed out in the Prima booth (seriously, this did happen) and we are starting to think it is because they looked at the prices.

Best Use of the Transparency Medium in a Product Line
We love the patterns and colors of the new Chatterbox rooms. What really floored us (heh) were the mega letters and quote sets in transparency form, because they are adhesive. We love that because now we don't have to spend as much time explaining to customers how to attach them to layouts and projects. (Not that we mind doing that so much, really.) Time-saver in oh so many ways.

Coolest Partnership
Devine Memories and Annalis Scraptique, featuring Rusty Pickle
Mark your calendars now for a fun and innovative April event. Rusty Pickle is working with both stores to create and deliver a project for a progressive make 'n take. Start at one store, finish at the other. Each part does stand on its own, but go to both stores and have one wicked decent album. It's a Devine Scrap Event.

Most Anticipated Book Release by People We Don't Know
Autumn Leaves
We are so looking forward to this book. I want to buy posters of these layouts and hang them as public art.

Most Anticipated Book Release by Local Folks
Artful Memories
Carol Wingert
Tena Sprenger
We had a blast making paper flowers in the Memory Makers booth because these gals make it so. We know the projects will inspire, and when the artists have class to spare, we love to support every little thing they do. Catch Tena across the way teaching at Scrapbooks ETC (yes, we know) and catch the book at our store when it is released in May from North Light books.

Biggest Surprise Pass
Autumn Leaves
American Crafts

Trust me, not because the line was not fab, because both were more than. It's just that we are a wee store and want to carry stuff not seen at your local big box retailer. Normally, AL would not fall into this category, but since the buyout by Creativity Inc, we are sure it will be all over the place. Plus, it's been an issue in the past with AL that the paper ships pronto, the add-ons ship 2 months later, and the twill comes another 2 months after that. We really like our coordinating lines to ship together, because strangely enough, our customers like to buy it together. Huh.

Biggest Disappointment
We flipped over this rustic paper and wanted to buy it. Sorry, it's predesigned, prefinished, double-sided paper and we can't buy the papers used to make the predesigned layouts. But we WANT it! We wanna make our own layouts!

Best Recovery From a Disappointment
Can you say "An Album in One Afternoon"? This paper is just the foundation for when you are strapped for time and absolutely need to get an album done. You can finish a 12x12 album, available in 10 or 20 page sets, in just one afternoon. Plus, it is gorgeous. Look for the class and the paper at our store.

Best Execution of "Something"
Heidi Swapp
We did order and are now sitting on our hands, hoping it will ship on schedule. Please, we asked nicely this time.

Shout Out and Mad Props
Nice to meet you, KB and MM. We know you are lovely people and promise to visit next time we are in town. It's likely too, since I have a sister there. We are sending lots of positive thoughts for your April event.

Best After Hours Party
We just can't stop talking about the hush-hush event attended by a select few movers-and-shakers in the industry. You know who you are. We'll have our peeps call your peeps for lunch.

Mirror Award
Memory Makers
It's kind of freaky to have your handwriting analyzed, especially when it is so spot on. Except I think she missed the part about when I get distracted. Which is often. (What did you say?)

Oopsie Award
It is not possible to remember every face and every person in the industry, unless you are Kay because she remembers everyone. Thanks for the invite, even though you did not know who we were. At first. (Not to imply that you should have known either. Stop that.)

Best Giveaway Where There Was Enough for Everyone Who Was Invited
Oh, the many things we can do with the Memories in Tote. And since Michelle forgot her extra suitcase, we told her she would have to make it work. It holds a lot, but not that much.

Most Likely to be Afraid to Have a Cab Hailed, Regardless of Whom is Doing the Hailing
Please don't stand where the cab needs to pull over. And you do have to actually move towards the street, so a cab can see you. It's really simple, just raise your arm. (You don't even have to whistle.) It's like an internationally recognized gesture for cabbies. Like the one using your middle finger. Except don't use that one to hail a cab. They don't stop as often and they expect a bigger tip. Also, when you are less than a block away from your destination, it's OK to have the cabbie drive you right to your building entrance. Please tip generously. You're in Vegas.

Best Marketing Tool
No matter how you pronounce it, 1800 bright green rolling backpacks descending on Vegas makes an impression. A really bright green with envy impression. Now Michelle has another piece of luggage, other than the SEI one she already scored.

The "Hey, What Does This Red Squiggly Line in MS Word Mean?" Award
Creative Imaginations
Twenty birthdays later, and CI is still struggling with spell-check. Yes, we all make mistakes, but this one was a whopper. Check out the CI birthday line and (all together now) yell "SUPRISE". See anything missing? PS-this was not a prototype.

Best Signage
Stamping Station
I am not much of a die-cut person, but the road signs for the holidays just give me a kick. We blew through the Halloween signs and are still giggling over the Valentine's and Easter ones. And the military papers will make an appearance in our store, we are certain.

Best Use of Products in Samples
Maya Road
Oversized bottlecaps, nifty new ribbons, foam stamps in tins, and chipboard elements. What did we not get at this booth? Well, at least we took pictures in here.

Item We Kept Seeing That Cracked Us Up
Decorated at the show, embellished with Diet Coke elsewhere. What can you not do with a lampshade, we ask? Well, if you leave it on the floor, the maid does not put it back on the light. Maybe she just wants the party to continue.

So stop in, shop around, and we'll keep you posted as stuff arrives and is unpacked. It makes us happy. We hope it makes you happy too.


  • At 6:57 PM , Blogger em said...

    Hi :) Just had to say...glad you liked Bizous...did you see the wedding line...that is ME in their pictures!! (No Lie...)

  • At 8:50 PM , Blogger Zee said...

    Very cool way of doing a CHA recap...made me wish I had been there! Will def be scoping out items you listed. Also wanted to make one little correction...the CI Sonnets paper was corrected before production. So there will be no suprises, I mean surprises when they arrive...LOL.

  • At 9:15 PM , Blogger Suzy said...

    Em-I will totally check that out. So fun to see the people behind (or on) the paper.

    Zee-Cool of you to join in and tell us the straight scoop. I will have to revise the award, or at least come up with another, for keeping your cool under pressure. And it's maybe no consolation, but we still placed one of our biggest show orders with CI. (Even if I skipped the surpise paper; maybe we'll snag it next go round.)

    All-I've been peeking at the comments on the boards, and it is refreshing to see that others can also have a sense of humor about this industry. Plus, in case anyone is wondering, we promise that we can take it when it is dished out in return. We think sometimes we learn from others, although just as often we have the tendency to put our hands over our ears and sing "la, la, la" to drown out the sounds of possible criticism. Ah, we can be so weak...

  • At 8:30 PM , Blogger The Governor said...

    You made my night! This is so funny... thanks for the laugh!!! =)If you have a mailing list, please add me to it. I want to know when all of the goodies come in!


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