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Monday, February 20, 2006

Oh My Heck, It's Basic Grey and Chatterbox

Color me delighted with the five (count 'em, five) new Basic Grey paper lines. We've got the selection, we've got the tags, we've got the monograms, we've got the matchbook kits. I might hoard them all in the back, but if you ask nicely, I guess I could stock them on the shelves. Sensational hardly describes how fabulous each and every one of these papers is. We also reordered all the undressed hardwear, tags, and monograms, just in case you need more of 'em. You might want to bring a wheelbarrow. I'm just saying.

Also in: Chatterbox new rooms. Once we revived you from your BG fainting spell, we will lead you to the land o' Chatterbox. Greenhouse, Poolhouse, Bunkhouse: there's really (a) room for everyone. Plant yourself. Stay awhile. Make yourself at home. We could bring cookies. (Girl Scout cookies have also arrived. Let us know if you need a box or two. We can help.)


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