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Friday, February 24, 2006

We Congratulate...

Bridgitte Truong, for her first published page. Check out March's issue of Creating Keepsakes and spot Bridgitte's layout in Becky's Sketch column on page 51. We suspect it is the first of many that will be selected for publication.

Maija Lepore, whose work will appear in an upcoming issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine. I'm certain they can't pay her what she's worth, but now the world can see her talent at work.

Cinderella, who does shop at our store, and is getting married to her Prince Charming. She keeps making literally every little thing you could imagine to prepare for the big day. We gush over it all, as we should, and hope she will take a moment to bask in the compliments she is surely receiving for all the works of art she has created. If it is possible to alter a glass slipper, she will get it done. (And she won't be leaving it on any staircase anytime soon.)


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