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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How Many Bugs and Where Are They Again?

Our brand spankin' new 3 Bugs in a Rug paper line is here in groovy sugar and spice, even French country is nice. Collect the stickers, tags, and papers in one or all the lines. Haven't you been itching for some new fleur de lis? We are already thinking about ordering the few parts of the line we don't yet have. You'll understand why when you see it in person.

Happy Birthday to Kay

Just in time for Kay's birthday (that would be this Friday; please mark your calendar accordingly), NRN has sent us their new birthday line. Fun colors, fun paper, and great for kids of all ages.

Although Kay's not graduating from anything, we also received the NRN grad line. If you're one to plan ahead, this paper is perfect for announcements, pages, and other graduation-related paper crafting.

"Happy Birthday to Kay" Friday February 17 Special

Since Friday is Kay's birthday, it seems appropriate to have a sale in her honor. She has the day off and we are having a sale for you. Do some shopping and pick up a gift tag at the counter when you are ready to check out. Depending on the gift tag you pull, receive a free gift or a 26% discount on your total purchase. (Guess how old Kay is going to be?) Please note that your frequent shopper discount does not apply to the purchase discount, but you are still eligible to use your discount if you pull the tag for a free gift.


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