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Friday, March 03, 2006

The Return of Tim Holtz

Ok, it's not like he ever left, and it's not that he will actually be here in person (yet...), but we did want to announce the arrival of the Distressables II 9x9 paper collection and the new release of Doo-Dads. (I feel like you should just insert your own joke here; it's just too easy.) We are still impatiently tapping our toes, because we did not receive the Distressables II book, and maybe if they knew how much we NEEDED this book, they would just send it. Tap. Tap tap.

Animal Tactics

In what might be considered some of the funniest paper ever, the new Reminisce release is branded with Madagascar-like penguins, lions, and giraffes. Giggle-worthy, for sure. And if it's farm paper you need (and we all need farm paper every once in a while), we've got the coordinating barnyard animal selection. With matching stickers. Root around in that for a while. On a related note, "What Happens in Vegas" paper is also back in stock. You animals.

Rub On Over for the Best Selection

Gin-X is back with some new random font rub-ons. And black Kellerman is finally back in stock. If they're still here next week, Natalie will sell what is left to you. We promise.


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