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Thursday, February 02, 2006


We went, we walked, we drooled, we shopped. Altogether now: ooooooohhh ahhhhhhhhhh

And now the highlights:

Best New Company Showing:
3 Bugs in a Rug
Great paper, nice people, now shipping. Whee.

Best Make 'n Take overall:
Those ProvoCraft people really rock. Longest lines, fun projects, changing up every day. We are, however, over the Coluzzle. We're really glad you like it but please stop making us use it in every make 'n take project offered.

Cutest Packaging:
Queen & Co
Little pink cosmetic bags hold your bead polish, sequin flowers are in compacts, brads and little flowers in lip gloss containers. Freshen yourself up, then make up your pages with these sweet sets. Love them all.

Best New Line
Fancy Pants
We've carried their products since their debut, and we were all over the new line. Chipboard elements, fun paper lines, rub-ons, and a company that is genuinely excited about the line. Joy.

Best Inside Joke
Coke and Hooters. Please don't ask. We will explode in a fit of giggles.

Best Booth
Crate Paper
We love this Chatterbox-like line of paper and were blown away by the Ralph Lauren living room booth. Gorgeous texture, classic patterns. We think Jackie-O would love this line.

Best Rebound from a Booth Mishap
Scrapbook Wizard
What would you do if your booth was lost on its was to a trade show? This company rolled with the punches, adapted to the situation, and still smiled through the obvious challenge of trying to promote its product without a display. The booth arrived a couple days late and SBW handed out loads of paper packs to those who took the time to return. Great attitude and great marketing!

Most Overhyped Booth
Pink Martini
It doesn't help to move your product line when you create a buzz in the online community and don't deliver. Thud.

Best New Tool
We R Memory Keepers Crop-o-Dile
We were so over eyelets until we saw this tool in action. I can put away my anywhere hole punch, my Silent Setter, my Ready-Set, and every other eyelet setter I've ever coveted because this tool rocks. As easy to use as the easiest hole punch you've tried, and cuts through several layers in a single punch. Can it set eyelets? Uh, yeah, and can even set one on each side of the paper so if you are making books, you have the lovely finished eyelet on both sides of the page. Can YOUR setter do that? I am so getting out all my eyelets again. And I'm setting them no matter who is napping.

Where's Waldo? Award
Deluxe Designs
We knew you wouldn't be there but we missed you anyway.

Best Rack
12 new colors of Distress Ink. If I wasn't so giddy, I would be distressed. I love every single one of the older colors and can't wait to start my collection of the new ones. Now let's just get Tim Holtz to drop in and demonstrate them for us. Pretty Please.

Best Use of Monkeys
Rusty Pickle
The Pickle Man himself could not contain his glee over the use of monkeys in his new Big Top paper line. So whether your life is a circus or you've wanted to scrapbook about your last trip to one, the right paper exists. Got bananas?

Best French Line
Hiding in a booth way over in the far reaches of the new exhibitors, this company was an exciting discovery. We loved the French phrases on the twill and know that the papers have a universal appeal. Match the French kitchen with your favorite French country paper and use the love line for your French valentine. C'est une bonne vie!

Best Latin Line
Spanish Memories
Muy bonita. We can't wait to add more flavors to our current line, and the people at this company are just sweet as pie. We are thinking about coasters and rub-ons. We are also working on our Spanish, so we don't have to always rely on Sara to help us with the translations. Next up: offering our class in Spanish using SM product. Mi Espanol es muy malo!

Most Unprofessional Sales Tactic
If you're not going to spend the dough for a booth at the trade show, that's fine. Just don't hang out near the booth that your competitor did buy and try to snag people as they walk on from that very booth. It's just not pretty. Next.

Get Your Shovel Out Award
Lasting Impressions
If you're asked a direct question, answer it. We are not interested in investing time and money to demonstrate a product so consumers can then go to a big box retailer and buy it. The amount of tap-dancing done at this private, after-hours event could have earned someone a Tony. It did garner Miss America's attention, but at least she got paid for her time.

Best Progressive Make 'n Take
Silliest New Product
Li'l Davis Designs
Winner in two categories, we did love making the paper bag tag book using all the wicked cool new stuff. We also enjoyed the buffet spread and the chicken nuggets, because we were desperate for some protein. The foam nuggets? We just are not hungry for those. C'mon, you make us look kind of silly sometimes, the things you want us to sell. Pass.

Most Likely to Accidentally Walk into a Strip Club
Justin at the Li'l Davis booth
Strip MALL, Justin. MALL. That is where the store is. Are you still blushing?

Most Shocking Reveal
We found something in this booth that will sell like crazy at our store. No, Natalie, not the Darice Accents. We were as stunned as you. But we're still bringing in the product. Just you wait. We also scored flip flops from this vendor, who took pity on Kim's aching feet and handed her a pair gratis. Um, no, that's not the product we are bringing in, but the Bachelorette green and pink ones are pretty cute. And you can alter them. Hmmmm...

Best Shoes to Wear Next Time (Kim)
They were everywhere and no wonder. All that walking and it's like getting a foot massage all day long. Mine are pink but you can get them in any color. Or get the knockoffs at Target. Just make a quick stop at the Dollar Spot on your way to the shoe section.

People Most Likely to Think They Were Being Stalked
Kim Kesti
Ally Landy
New York, Paris, London, Munich. OK, but everywhere else. We know you know all the hot new stuff, but we swear every meeting was totally accidental. We just happened to be at the airport coming and going at the same time. And at every booth you visited. And lurking just around the corner from the hotel. Except we never saw you at the Darice booth, so clearly we were not following you. Honest.

Farm Product We Are Buying
Karen Foster
We don't carry much tractor product, but we thought the Karen Foster metal signs were very cute.

Farm Product We Are Not Buying
Hint: it gets shoveled. And we've already had our share, thanks.

If you've read this far, we hope you've enjoyed our ceremony. Now it's time for Intermission, and we will be back with the rest of the show.


  • At 7:26 PM , Blogger Kim (a.k.a. mom, wife, sis., & berly) said...

    wonderful. love the awards. very appropriate. i'm still laughing. and i thought what ever happened in vegas stayed in vegas?!

  • At 12:08 PM , Blogger Linda F. said...

    Well, I read them all. Backwards, but I read them! Love the awards and wish you were in Ohio! Well, actually, I wish I were in Arizona. Even if you are in a strip club!


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