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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Everyone In The Pool! Unless You're A Tire!

If you happened to get caught in the Ray Road/I-10 madness this weekend, hope you didn't take a detour behind the Target on 48th St and Ray, make a quick left onto Ray headed west, and almost plow into the baby pool that flew out of the trailer right in front of you. Because, oops. Tires can fly. Especially when launched by a small, round, wading pool, purchased to keep the dog cool in the springtime heat.

It was secured in the trailer. By the tire. That we (he) figured would hold it there for the way short trip to my house. Mistake.

"Umm, there goes the pool."
Turn into next lot, park car, run across road, dodge traffic, grab pool, thank whomever you like that no one had an accident. In the pool. Heh.
"Where's the tire?"
OK, so we lost the pool AND the tire holding it. Found the pool.
"How do you lose a tire?"
"Maybe it flew out, launched by the pool, and rolled somewhere..."
Fifteen minutes later, as I am nearly back at Target, walking along the sidewalk. Looking for a random tire. Really.
"I found it."
Rolled the other way, fell into the brush along the road, hiding in the grass, tire retrieved.

So there was no pool party on Ray Road yesterday, and the tire's flying license was revoked.

Also, an extension cord is especially handy for securing a tire (and a pool) to a trailer. And driving 30 MPH the rest of the way home seemed to make all the difference. Apologies to the drivers who wanted to know why we were in their way.

By the way, the pool was a hit with the dog. Not quite as much fun as Del Mar dog beach, but in a pinch, it's a great place to hang out. And we did think to take out the tire (and undo the extension cord) before jumping in the water with the dog.


  • At 9:52 AM , Blogger Shirley said...

    Looks like I missed all the fun times in Ahwatukee having moved out to Laveen. Don't miss all the freeway traffic in the morning though!


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