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Friday, January 05, 2007

You're Not the Embosser of Me

Heather is unpacking a slew of dry embossing supplies direct from Lasting Impressions. If you've always wanted to try a little bit of cuteness, and just didn't know how to begin, these dry embossing stencils are just the thing to get the party started. We picked through the zillions of templates available to bring you our absolute favorites, and we fully expect you to tell us that you would like ever so many more for your own stash. Just to keep things simple, we've already got the sample boards up and in view. And by next week, you'll have a chance to try one, so you too can experience the pure joy of sanding back paper to reveal a wicked cute design. Pile 'em on!

More Stuff to Alter

We keep looking for more things to turn into other things, and this week was no different. Just in from Darice, of all places, are frames to alter. We love them because they are so easy to make into something suitably awesome. You will love them because they are so affordable. Also just in, if there are any left, are music boxes from Melissa Frances. Spin and twirl, everyone, spin and twirl.

The Key to Relax

Oh, and if you are the key to the back supply closet, please show yourself. I hate to have to bust down a door, but I will if necessary. Stand back. Someone wants to RELAX, and we'd like to sell them on that.


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