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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Air Quotes

Buckets of 7 Gypsies stamps arrived yesterday, and now you'll have to wait 2 full days until we open again to purchase your share. Our selections include brackets, quote marks, photo, writers block, and balloon. (I say brackets, you say parenthesis. But that is because I am not sure whether "parenthesis" is a multiple of "parentheses" or if "parenthesis" in multiples is parenthesi" so I thought I'd avoid the entire issue by bringing you "brackets" instead. Or {brackets} if you prefer.) Anyhoo, along with the brand spanking new stamps, we've also restocked some of our favorite 7G stuff, including 97% complete tags, binding rings, and other such findings. Come find yours. But please wait until we reopen at 10am on 12/26. Otherwise, you'll just be at the door, knocking in vain, wishing for a key.


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