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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

From Turkeys to Eagles

OK all you Horizon (HCLC) folks: new page kits and goodies in the door for you. Hurry in before Regina buys them all, though. She stalks us almost as much as, well, one can be stalked.

Desert Vista and Mountain Pointe vintage page kits are also here just in time for holiday project-making. Because when you're thinking of winter break, surely you're thinking about making something lovely for your teachers just prior. Right?

And in honor of middle schools in the area, we've selected some lovely custom paper with mascot name and appropriate school colors: Centennial, Akimel A-al, and Altadena specifically. If the hurrahs are long and loud enough, we might even start in on the elementary schools. Do you feel lucky?

Plus for this very brief moment, we have every 9" letter in stock and just waiting to be altered. You can spell virtually anything. (Not sure how that would look on a wall, and it would take some time to alter all 17 letters, but you can if you'd like.)


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