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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Change No Change 2007

It's nearly 2007.

We've changed the store around, and we're making some changes to store structure as well.

Hours: We're dropping the last hour of the day, so Mon-Fri we will be open 10-6. Sat stays at 10-5 and Sun also stays the same at 12-4. Expect to see periodic late nights (with themes and specials) and ongoing Friday and/or Saturday crops that keep us in the store late and sometimes later.

We're adapting our stellar 40% off one item with any competitors coupon (C3 Tuesdays) to shake up more inventory and prepare us for our January Winter-CHA order. Instead of just Tuesdays, since we know some of our customers cannot always make it in on that day, we're swapping days and specials. Some specials will be blog-only: if you see it on the blog and tell us that when you shop, we'll pass along special savings to you. Some will be gift with purchase. And some days we'll just calendar things all over the place. (Yes, I am using "calendar" as a verb. Stay with me.) So beginning in January, check out the store, the calendar, and the blog for the special savings.

We love change. We'd love it more if you'd join us in staking a claim on all the fabulous change that we know 2007 will bring. Including using nouns as verbs when we feel like it. Now dance!


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