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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Swapp Meet

Rummage around in our Heidi Swapp area and pick up a blog-only advertised 20% off your entire Heidi purchase Thursday and Friday only. Drop more than $72.10, pre-tax, (no reason, just seemed like a random amount) and we'll apply the 20% to your entire purchase. Yup, every last item in the store. (What? Even Basic Grey and Lasting Impressions? Who authorized this?) Just remind us that you read it on the blog and we will grant your pinkness discount. Yes, there is fine print: purchase does not apply to your frequent shopper accrual and frequent shopper discount is not applied to your sale items, plus no other discounts will apply. Unless we just decide to hand you stuff because we're in that kind of mood. And be nice to us: it will take slightly longer to ring you up. Hey, isn't that worth saving a few bucks? And have you seen how much stuff we have in the store that is brand spankin' new?


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