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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On the Maya Road Again

Our UPS guy is pretty flippin' happy that the holidays have come and gone, but seems to be confused as to why we still have so many packages on a daily basis. And since it's been a bit since I've updated the teeming masses on actual product, as opposed to soap opera information, here's a hit list of Things I Am Pretty Sure You Need:

  • Maya Road, board books, oversized bottle caps, and other unique and extraordinary scrapbooking items (read: dang, I know it was a huge order but I forgot what else was in it.)

  • Making Memories grommet kits with oversized grommets, all kindsa sortsa Valentine's stuff in glitter, velvet, and spectacular foam stamps, Love Series #2, plus really really big wall text. You too can place oversized letters of love on a wall near you and ask in all sincerity "How's it hanging?" to anyone who will listen. Word of warning: if you ask, someone may well answer.

  • Ribbon in every shade of polka dot imaginable

  • Doodlebug Loopy Love papers, flowers, frills, Whimsy Wafers (no, that's not for lunch), and albums in the lovely bright fun and happy colors that is clearly Land of Doodle.

  • Lasting Impressions embossing supplies. Yes, I brought in this line just so that I could get the cute flower paper scuffers. They're just so dang CUTE is all!

  • Paper mache in all kinds of shapes, just sitting there, asking quietly to be altered. When you see the class to alter the house, well, let's just say stunned and amazed does not begin to describe the feelings that will explode from... Explode from? Ummm, so OK I am not a romance writer, that is clear. But it will be a highly decent experience, I am sure. The class, I mean. Not the explosion.

  • Flip it with Flair papers, stickers, and wonderously inexpensive mini-books.

  • Creative Imaginations: Marah Johnson's Lovestruck line, plus for all you pirate-loving pink skull and crossbones people, and we know you are out there, some of the funkiest, most extreme paper designs that we have seen since Lance brought us the Rusty Pickle monkey paper. And I am not fooling. Caution Girl may truly rock your little world.


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