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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Back Up the Truck, Kids

Is it better to give or receive? I know I've enjoyed both tremendously, and I haven't yet decided on a preference. And it seems perfectly OK to continue to do both.

Thusly, I will share with you the amazing loads of interesting and potential gifting solutions that abound in the store:
  • Cosmo Cricket: Wonderland is here. Rich, luxurious texture and elegant designs. Maybe John Mayer can write a sequel about paper. Definitely desirable.
  • Basic Grey: Dasher, Fruitcake, Blush, chipboard elements, alphas, tags, and everything else you could ever covet from our friends who are anything but Basic and everything except Grey. Eminently enviable.
  • Creative Imaginations: Massive themed categories and new stock in everything from Disney to volleyball to rodeo to more holiday fun. Also BE: the alterable line, including blocks, clocks, and other stuff that rocks. Heh.
  • Prima: Flowers in some refreshing colors and newly mixed collections. We've arranged them hither and yon around the store, mostly because we like saying hither. And yon. Say it with us next time, OK?

There may be more hidden surprises, but you'll just have to come in yourself and look around. There are new class samples and a class calendar just waiting to be picked up.

And as always, it's OK to touch. We do. We're just very tactile people.


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