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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

When the Ship Hits the Fans

We love so much about Rusty Pickle, except their ongoing inability to correctly fill our orders. Anyhoo, in spite of themselves, they have managed to send us the Mayflower collection in all its Americana patriotic glory. Stand up and salute this rusticly fabulous collection of goods, but be sure to dock on in soon. If we run out, there might be a mutiny.

Speaking of...


We know you love to visit us every single day, but we're in the mood for more three-day weekends. Starting June 25 (which is my birthday, if you're keeping score), we're going to keep the door closed and locked all day long on Mondays over the summer. (We remain open Saturdays 10-5 and Sundays 12-4, so I guess that's not really much of a three-day weekend...) To make up for this gross miscarriage of scrapbooking justice, we will stay open late on Thursdays (starting June 21) until 8pm. You'll just have to use your TIVO to catch those Thursday night reruns and summer shows. Because we want to see you in here every single Thursday evening.

To kick this off in style, from now until Monday, June 25, we will accept one competitor coupon on any single item in the store, per customer, for up to 40% off the regular price. (So your 50% off competitor's coupon will net you 40% off, for example.) So stop in and check out the merchandise, find a great high-dollar item you've been hankering to add to your collection, and use that coupon to obtain a super-awesome price. Please remember that your Frequent Shopper discount will not apply to the item and one competitor coupon per customer during this period. Summer is hot enough already; let's fire up some real fun!


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