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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Easily Distracted

Yes, I know. I am not keeping pace with my posts and you are missing out on endless witty commentary. Plus, and this is really important, you are having a hard time keeping track of what is new in the store.

So let me oblige on both counts:

  • Rusty Pickle is in the house. The lovely and talented Karen Burniston came and performed her righteous brand of magic in the form of the Medivel (sic) line. Although I am thinking that part of my resistance to posting about this particular line of RP may somehow be related to the intentional misspellings of the line and its associated papers. My spelling issues are surfacing! Get thee to a dictionary, post haste, Lance and Tasha! I cannot continue under these conditions! Ummm, anyhoo, the class was great fun and I still have a couple of kits on hand. Or underfoot, as the case may be.
  • Autumn Leaves idea book Perfectly Clear also arrived earlier this week. Although I have somewhat of a dilemna in that the stamps that I just barely ordered and received are already gone, so you are going to be bombarded with fabulous ideas and kept in a holding patterns as I reorder the stamps required for your dreams to be realized. Think of it as an experience in anticipation.
  • Glitter that the likes of Mariah Carey has never experienced was unpacked from Making Memories. Sparkle up your pages with every kind of glitter you could want and bring some bling into your life.
  • Carolee's Creations in a smattering of fun patterns for Mother's Day and Father's Day are now available for your pleasure. We've really got a symphony of masculinity going on right now, and I cannot imagine why there is such a focus on boys at this moment. OK, I can imagine why, but that's another story. Also, dance. I mean dance paper arrived, not that you have to dance. Although that could be kind of entertaining. So go ahead, dance.
  • And basically, because it has been demanded repeatedly, we have Basic Grey paper packs. Get the entire line of Oh! Baby Boy or Oh! Baby Girl or Urban Couture all at once. And since I also ordered the matching ribbon, here's a swell blog deal: purchase any paper pack and get the coordinating ribbon for $4.99. That would be half price, in case you are keeping score. And I know you are. Just have us check the blog in case we don't remember that it is on special. Easily distracted, remember?

    I spent a weekend in the City by the Bay, hanging with Sister #4 and Sister #1. I brought my younger, cuter version with me and we tooled around the city just like the locals. She wanted to go to prison (like every other 13-year-old you know, right?) so we took the boat to The Rock and learned all about prison escapes. Really, out of all the activities one might pick in San Francisco, I thought Alcatraz was kind of an interesting choice. She was especially pleased with the cutesy mini bear in handcuffs and a ball and chain. Not sure where I went south in parenting, but it's all coming full circle and smacking me in the rear end. Oh, wait, that was someone else. Yes, people, there is someone else. And I think I'm keeping him for a while. Confused? Join the club, pass the salt, and more updates and anecdotes in a week. Plus endless promises to keep you all current, updated, and in the heart of conjecture. Go ahead, I don't mind.


  • At 8:32 PM , Blogger Shirley said...

    Does your reference to sisters #1 and #4 have anything to do with birth order? Given that I'm from a Chinese family, all relatives are referred to by names that indicate birth order. My mom calls her older sisters 1st, 2nd, and 3rd sister. My mom, as youngest, gets called Little Sister. Interesting, huh?


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