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Friday, June 08, 2007

Book On In for Idea Books from CK

It's been a little lonely in the idea book department, so we've stocked up for summer reading in all sorts of Creating Keepsakes ways.

  • CK Computer Tricks: Teach your PC to sit, speak, and roll over. OK, not really. But all those cool things you see on pages (hmmm, like words in a circle?) are easy peasy computer tricks that you can learn and add to your mental toolbox. Which, if it happens to be like mine, is perhaps more of a sieve than I might like. So having all the tricks in a book, where I can reference them quickly, is mighty helpful. I guess I just have to remember where I put the book...
  • CK 101 Things You Can Do With Your Scrapbooking Supplies: First, I thought, well, I can scrapbook with them, right? Then I realized, hey! I still have deco scissors from ten years ago, and those are all the rage lately, so maybe there are 100 other things out there in my supply stash that just need a little refreshing. I'm thinking something to do with alcohol inks has gotta be in there somewhere. But in case it isn't, check with Heather, because she knows oodles of things to do with alcohol inks.
  • Scrapbooks! Beginner booklet: All right, if you're reading this blog, I know you do not need this booklet. However, it is a nice little intro to tuck into a beginning scrapbooker's kit. Just enough information to get somebody excited about paper, texture, and adhesive, and that's always a good thing. (Sorry, Martha.)
  • CK Organization Tips: All but impossible to find, and I mean not because it's not filed in an organized manner. It has just been so popular, it has sold out everywhere else. Stop in Saturday if you want to ensure you get a copy, because they are going to fly out of here. Countless ideas and packed to the brim: I mean, it is HUGE. You may want to bring your rolling tote to push it out of the store.
  • PC Scrapbook to Cards: Paper Crafts fun-filled idea book with a focus on guess what?
  • Album Shortcuts: Start thinking about all the gorgeous holiday projects you can make, since you still have seven months to plan and execute them! This is not a holiday idea book, but it showcases some wonderful albums that you can make quickly, which we think is just what is needed for holiday ideas.
  • PC You Go Girl: Fashion never looks as lovely as when it is inspiration for scrapbooking. Take your favorite runway-ready wear and use it to launch a wealth of creativity for your pages, cards, and projects.

Plus bunches of regular magazines that we have just started to carry. Based on your interest, we will decide whether to make these regularly available. Just promise not to roll your eyes when we get our shipment before you see your subscription in your mailbox. It's just a postal thing, we swear!

  • Simple Scrapbooks July/Aug issue
  • Paper Crafts Jun/July issue
  • Stamp it! Cards 2007

We are exhausted just thinking about the ideas to make room for in our heads. But as I travel hither and yon, I am excited that I will have plenty of literature to keep me company on those trips. Plus, they fit nicely in the compartment over me, or in the space under the seat in front of me. They don't require a passport, and they don't count as gels or liquids. What more could you want?


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