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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Goals for 2006

I like goals more than I like resolutions. When I set a goal, I feel like I am moving towards something. When I make a resolution, I feel like I am trying to leave something behind. Perspective is helpful to me and makes me feel more positive. As Martha says, it's a good thing.

May your 2006 be full of goals reached, resolutions accomplished, and pages completed.

And if you just want to know about PRODUCT:
  • New ScrapWorks Rubons are in. Collect all 6 themes.
  • Flocks of Valentine papers have been ordered and are expected to arrive momentarily.
  • The Joy of CardMaking idea book arrived and is nearly depleted already.
  • Bazzill Chip Toppers are back in stock after a brief absence. Now you can thank people and wish them a Happy Birthday again.

C3 Days on Tuesdays continue into February. Every Tuesday, we will redeem one competitor's coupon per customer for up to 40% off the regular price of any in-stock item. Some limitations may apply, but mostly, we just want to celebrate Tuesdays with everyone!


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