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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


WOW!!! How lucky are we?? We have such a fantastic, locally owned scrapbooking store to shop at right here in the Phoenix area. We all let the little things slip, but that is what makes this store fantastic. I have been visiting my family in Nebraska for a week, where most items in this store are not easily found or found at all. We all forget how spoiled we can get with all this amazing, hand selected product right at our fingertips. Oh, and not to mention the perfect paper that lives within the walls of this store.

For example the little things:
1. Charms for every occasion(metal embellishments)
2. Items to alter for the perfect gift for that perfect person(magnet boards)
3. 7 Gypsies product right at our finger tips!!(not found in Omaha, NE)
4. Bazzill Basics...textured paper?(Only online in the Midwest)
5. Wall O' Ribbon...need I say more?!?!?!

P.S. Come check out all the new Christmas Ribbon from MayArts and the RickRack from Creative Impressions. It's just so beautiful!!


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