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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lots o' Stuff in the House

I tell you, we are opening the boxes as fast as we can. It's just that more seem to arrive just when we have finally found a new home for the ones we just unpacked. Although it does help that we can barely get things out of boxes before y'all buy them.

Just in:
  • Scrap Mats: We know it's the Advent Calendar sample that is making these disappear. We also know there are lots of other things worth counting down, so we're determined to keep these in stock, no matter how many of them sell. Maybe this new batch will last through the weekend...
  • Magnet boards with pink scalloped edges, complete with easel for display. We know, we've never seen anything like them either. Rubons look amazing on the soft pink enamel, the holes in the scallop edges are perfect for weaving ribbon, and, hello? they are METAL, which means MAGNETS! Awww, cute. Easiest gift ever, I think.
  • Rolodex albums are raging hot, and we've brought back an oldie but goodie, the Junque It Up Flip Book. Inexpensive way to make a rolodex album, and ever so fast from scratch to finish. We are certain there will be a class in January.
  • Basic Grey Notch Tool, back in stock. The first order was out the door as we were unpacking them, so we asked for more. Yay, they're HERE.
  • Melissa Frances enamel treat holders. In three sizes, and labeled for all your little darlings. Choose one for the doggy, one for the kitty, and even one for the kid. So much fun and so inexpensive. Also from MF, hors d'oeuvres cutters and enamel platters, so you can make incredibly adorable sandwiches for your holiday brunches. Sweet. Although maybe not quite scrapbooking, give us just a moment and we know we'll create a photo project for these sweet items.
  • Kitty and doggy paper from NRN. Yes, I was just charmed by the reindog paper. Candy cane bones? Holly gingerpaw prints? Jingle dogs and cats with Santa hats? Kitty mewsic? I've never been able to resist a pun. And the people at NRN are so wise to remember how much fun it is to put hats on all our dogs in holiday photos. Hee.
  • Bazzill Polka Dot Brads and Bazzill Chip Toppers. We have done all kinds of wicked cool things with our oversize brads and our Bazzill chips (big and small.) Even so, how nifty for Bazzill to create the simplest decor ever for those chips: gorgeous chip toppers crafted on beautiful Bazzill Basics paper. Just cover the chip with a Bazzill chip cover, stick a magnet (oh, we received those also, mighty strong, mighty tiny magnets) on the back, and, hey remember those pink enamel magnet boards? I'm just saying, five minutes for the cutest gift, people. And the brads? Use them with the flowers we received from...
  • Heidi Swapp. More. Flowers. Chipboards in all colors and shapes. Ghost letters. Enormous flowers. Alphas. More. You'll have to come see. Except I did skip the s'tape. Oopsie. But the polkas in the flowers are just too too.
  • Maybe there's more. But that should be enough to get you thinking about what to add to your stash.


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