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Saturday, August 20, 2005

And the Sale is Extended...

I know a couple of folks were not able to make it out to Ahwatukee for our summer sale, so I am adding one more day to the event.

We are open Sunday from 12-4 and will continue the summer sale for a final day.

We have met a lot of new customers, and have seen many of our regulars as well. We hope that everyone who attended the event found something fun to add to his or her stash. (Although I did not see a lot of "hims" looking through the store, at sale items or otherwise. Except for Connie's DH, who returned a few times to gather more Bazzill and Chatterbox for Connie's project. What a swell DH!!)



  • At 12:10 PM , Blogger putootiemom said...

    Hey Suzy! I finally visited your blog, and it's a hoot!

    I'll try to make it into the store yet again today (Sunday) to see what I can find to put together the "ABC Grandma Book" we were talking about. Did you notice that we are missing the letter "W"?

    Anyway, see you soon! Again, nice blog!

    - Gail


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