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Monday, August 15, 2005

What Time Does Your Store Close?

So, anyhoo, I am at the store Sunday working away, and it is very very very sloooow. I think that in 2 hours, maybe 1 person is there. She is there the entire 2 hours, so I am not so lonely, and she is working very hard to find some inspiration to complete the last 8-10 pages or so for a gift album. So it's kinda' nice, I have the time to look at each of her pages and help her ramp them up, and by the time we are about done, she is re-energized and is ready and excited to complete her last few pages. So she goes home to do that.

About the time she departs, a few people come in. Then a few more. All of a sudden, I swear it is wall-to-wall people. So what happens? Well, duh, the phone rings. "What time do you close?" So, I glance at my watch. Hey, it's 15 minutes past regular closing time! "Well, about 15 minutes ago, but honestly, it's a party in here, so I would expect I'll be here until about 5 anyway." "Yay, I'll be right over!"

So just to let you know, that sometimes our store hours are just not carved in stone. I hope you understand that also means that when I am supposed to open the doors at 10am on a Saturday morning, if I decide to go through the McD's drive-thru for my Diet Coke, and I get stuck behind 16 minivans just escaped, I mean departed, from a Saturday morning kids league contest, the doors to my store could just possibly not open until 10:10am. Cuz I just gots to have me that Diet Coke to get it started.

BTW, our first ever Summer Clearance is this Friday and Saturday, all day both days, from whenever we open until whenever we close. I mean to get rid of lots of stuff that appears to be just sitting around, when it darn well needs to either a) join someone else's stash or b) get used on a layout. So join us for not a lot of hoopla but definitely lotsa bargains. Wheeeeeee HA!



  • At 7:13 AM , Blogger Melissa said...

    I know the feeling of when you think you are so slow then all of a sudden the rush of people come in. You said your sale was this coming Friday and Saturday? I might have to head on over there!

  • At 9:02 AM , Blogger Kimberly Kwan said...

    Oh Suzy...I wish I lived closer - I could bring a JUMBO Diet Coke for each f us and play with you on your *slow* Sunday!

    Perhaps this weekend....and good call on the "chair" class...the Fabulous Miss Lindsay will ROCK that one!


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