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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wading In It

If you tried to shop last Friday, you might have stumbled into the challenge of the 18 boxes that were delivered by our favorite men in brown. Now that everything has been inventoried, ticketed, and displayed to fill every nook and cranny, you might want to make haste before it all is claimed by others who are more prompt. Which would quite likely exclude me.

Examples? Well, I know there was new Heidi in there, and I am thinking along the lines of her new masks and some flippin' fun bling. I also saw lots of Cropper Hopper vertical storage, while not exactly new, might be just the thing to move you up in space. So to speak. Our favorite Crop-o-Dile hole punch and eyelet setter tool is also back in stock, and we picked up the lime shade in addition to the traditional pink one. If you don't have this tool, get it. Now. We also brought in more Anthopologie AKA Bay Boxes because we keep getting more requests for this most perfect album. Apparently, we are the only store in on the secret of the best album around. Shhh. There's hecka more stuff as well, like the new Flair line in all the months of the year for calendar-making, Daisy Bucket Designs papers and embellishments that we expect you'll crave as much as we did, and some fun Remininsce papers in a variety of fun and funky themes.

We hope you caught Heather's follow-up Sonoran Living performance. She created a fabulous canvas project that anyone can do. Some PVA, your favorite papers, a special photograph, and a touch of layering is all it took to make a timeless work of art for your wall. Nice for the wall, easy on the wallet, and we have everything you need to make it work. Heather's got more of her work being published in some upcoming magazines, so you might want to get her autograph now before a line develops. Or before she develops her own line, hmmm.


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