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Friday, September 29, 2006

Hotcha! CK Hall of Fame and Hey! We're Famous!

Spanking new CK Hall of Fame issue arrived this week and it's pretty cool to read all the inside scoop about how certain layouts were selected for the mag. Also, CK released the submission guidelines for 2007's HOF contest, so you can analyze it all and spew it back on your entry. Nicely, this time. We had a thought (it does happen) that we should have some crops around some of the assignments from the entry. Not that we have any plans to enter. Hey, we know our place in the scrapbook world. Some respect here.

And what is that place, I am certain you are pondering at this very moment. Our blog is tops on the list of places to go in the latest issue of a trade mag. Check out Scrapbook Premier and page 119 and see us listed under Fresh Perspectives. Yeah, we're strutting. Kinda.


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