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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's All About Me. OK, So It's Really All About The Me Book.

Autumn Leaves sent them and you can get them right this minute. The ME Book. Isn't it time you did something for ME?

Alrighty then, how about a birthday party? Bring your pajamas, because we are staying up all night. Starting June 24th at whatever time you arrive (after 10am, please) and ending into the wee hours of Sunday morning, you can crop, play, sing, ink, distress, dance, type, giggle, rip, slide, snort, and snark all over the place.

And what is a birthday without presents? Well, take some time to purge your supplies for a donation to the LifeBooks program. For each pound of supplies you donate, wrap yourself up a 1% discount, up to 25 pounds worth of percentage points. (If've you worked hard and done a decent job, I'll swing you 10% off regardless of the actual weight.) We'll charge you the same number: $25/person but we'll splurge on a buffet of snacking goodies designed to keep us up all night. Plus, we'll include a late-night or early-morning run to the local independent coffee shop for some caffeine assistance. With CHA-summer right around the corner, we'll find some cool things to give away, and if you ask nicely, maybe we can do a couple of demos or make 'n takes. Hey, we'll be there long enough. This is a night for us gals, so sign up a best pal who has never shopped with us before and we'll prepare a special friendship treat for the both of you.

Whose birthday are we celebrating? I thought I told you; it's all about ME!


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