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Monday, May 22, 2006

Paging Doctor Pam...

I'm breaking into regular programming to congratulate my fabulous sister #5 Pammie (ooooooh, she hates that name) who just earned her Juris Doctor and is now feverishly working to study for the Cali bar exam. No extra-curricular fun for a few months while she hits the books, so she was definitely getting some last-rites partying in while she could over the weekend. It was a mini-gaggle of the sisters (#1, #4, #5, #6) in the Bay area for a few days.

I had to dash to Brentwood (north of Frisco, not the OJ neighborhood Brentwood) to deliver some training Thursday and Friday, but made the drive daily so I could stay in Oakland. Kelsey decided to pick some fruit (she chose strawberries, even though she never eats them) so we stopped at a U-Pick for a bit. We also drove through a windfarm on our way north. I find it peaceful; one of my sisters (#1) thinks it's just creepy. Photos: creepy. She wins. Took the Bay Bridge into the city for a mad dash. Had to creep down Lombard but no time for much else.

Graduation day was Saturday and it was everything one could hope for: long speeches (hello, they are all attorneys), uncomfortable chairs, wet weather, bad photos, uncomfortable shoes (except for our favorite grad: nice boots, Pammie!) and lots of hugging from total strangers. We headed back to Oakland to Sister #1's house (#1 lives in Oakland, #5 lives in the city) for the big celebration. Too much fun, too many people I don't know, and so much food! Sister #1 is Martha Stewart's much nicer twin, I tell ya. She bakes, she creates, and you would swear you stepped in MS Living when you waltz through her home. The gardens, the staging, the furniture, and the perfect dog. Plus the genuine warmth.

Sunday we all just avoided the city: Bay to Breakers flooded all parts of Frisco with costumed runners, and the infamous bare (bear: you choose) runners. Since I am just not quick enough to cover Kelsey's eyes every time, it's better left for another time when she's a spot older. After gunning it to get to the flight via BART, we were an eyelash shy, and ended up crashing one more night and taking the first flight out Monday morning. Yes, Kelsey was 30 minutes late to school. Yikes.

We now return to regular programming. Products updates are coming...


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